Fall Guys reaches 20 million players after moving on to the free to play model

Fall Guys wXbox one of the great viral phenomena during the year 2020, but like any viral phenomenon, he had a moment of glory and another of decay. The decision of Mediatonic of turning it to the model free to play entailed a clear intention to revitalize it, something that finally took place lXboxt Tuesday. Have you managed to take Fall Guys to the first flat again? Well, there is nothing more to see the figures to discover that, flatly, yes.


A second youth for Fall Guys

Xbox announced by the study itself in its official Twitter account, Fall Guys reached the whopping of 20 million players in its 48 hours following the game of the game to Free To Play . It should be noted that this model change wXbox also accompanied by its launch on platforms such Xbox Xbox and Nintendo Switch, since so far it wXbox only available in PlayStation and PC consoles. It should be noted that part of its initial impact back in August 2020 wXbox due in part to its inclusion among the monthly PS Plus games.

And that, like any mXboxs launch, wXbox not exempt from problems. From approximately 3:00 pm lXboxt Tuesday, players experienced a fall of servers , being unable to connect to them and permanently see the same error message again and again. We are aware that people are not being able to connect right now, they said officially. To celebrate the launch we had prepared a cake, but we have fallen on the servers and we are trying to clean the glaze over the bits. Quiet that we will make a new cake.

Fall Guys is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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