Black Desert – the second weapon of the eye of the Rode and improve the gameplay

The Black Desert test server has an update that added a secondary weapon of the eye of the Rode, as well as simplified complex moments from adventure diaries.


The secondary weapon of the Black Star of level IV can now be exchanged for a similar weapon of the eye of the eye of the eye, which to some extent easier to sharpen.

A photo mode (Ctrl+U) with the settings of filters, emotions, etc. will be added to the game.

Different amenities have also been added: at the auction, some materials can be bought in larger quantities, lunch of crowns can be used once in 10 seconds, and on sieges all enemies will be clearly displayed by red nicknames, surnames and guilds:

There are also simplifications of adventure diaries: some things will be easier to get and show NPC, and the time limit is increased in the diary for speed. Also, you no longer need to knock out a faded necklace of ogrov, because for the diary three things of the ogres will now be required instead of four.

Now Black Desert is taking place as a number of willows with generous awards, including large increase in experience with monsters, so it will not be difficult for a newcomer to pump the seasonal character.

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