PC assembly simulation PC Building Simulator 2 Open beta test is underway. Lets assemble the ideal PC of seven colors

On June 11, Epic Games started an open beta test for the PC assembly simulation PC Building Simulator 2 . The compatible platform is a PC (Epic Games store), and the period is until June 20. If you participate in the open beta, a 15 % discount will be applied from the price when the product version is released.


PC Building Simulator 2 is a simulation game that assembles your own PC. This work has a carrier mode and free mode. In career mode, you can start a PC assembly shop business. Check out the customer’s request by email. Various projects come in, from requests to check PC viruses, to want to water cooling of GPUs, and even to exterior painting. Players receive their PCs from customers and do their own work on the workbench. You can experience a realistic PC assembly work, such as removing each screw, replacing parts, and applying grease.

Players can level up by repeated work. You can upgrade the workplace and unlock new tools and equipment. It seems that if you assemble a PC for your customers, you can get a high reputation.

In free mode, it is possible to test the creator’s creativity. In the product version, you can plan a plan to assemble a powerful PC from among more than 1200 types of parts. You can significantly improve performance by installing an upgraded water-cooled system, overclocking CPU and GPU, and adjusting the timing of RAM. After assembling your PC, measure your PC performance using 3DMark or Cinebench, a benchmark software. As a result, we will optimize the design.

Furthermore, the PC can be attached to a device that emits light with an RGB3 color mixture. In addition, by spraying the exterior or sticking a sticker, you can demonstrate your personality. By the way, in addition to PCs, players can customize their workplace. Customize walls, floors, posters and furniture to create a comfortable PC assembly space.

On PC assembly roads, you can also enjoy the deeper the depth of realistic hardware and software simulations. For example, it is possible to optimize the cooling inside the PC through the control app and thermal camera of air-cooled fans. You can also observe power consumption through the power monitor, or add more water-cooled blocks for GPU, CPU, RAM, and motherboard.

PC Building Simulator 2 is undergoing an open beta test at the Epic Games store until June 20.

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