Hoyo Bus, Unmatched Incident Division Yoo Shin -woos birthday event

Hoyoverse announced on the 10th that it will hold an event for the birthday of the character ‘Yoo Shin-woo’ in the mystery love simulation mobile game “ The Unresolved Incident ”.

In the game worldview, Yoo Shin-woo was born on June 21, and is a handsome student and a successor of the Fine Group, who is a master of Mirim Art Graduate School.

The Yushin Woo’s birthday event will be held under the theme of ‘to you,’ and you can enjoy various contents including special stories from 12th to 25th.

First of all, you can obtain ‘inspiration’ and Mirim dollars by clearing a limited mission at the ‘Birthday Preparation’ event from 12th to 15th.

At the same time, the sub-story 01-01 is completed, and the pleadings are conducted through the Out of Location.

In addition, in the birthday limited event mission, it is compensated for items such as the event item ‘Gift with Heart’, the list of participants, the thought ‘smiling face’, the tears of the goddess, and the mirim chip.

In addition, you can use the Gift with Heart to decorate Yu Shin-woo’s birthday party place, and you can get a secret invitation for the birthday of Yushin-woo’s birthday just by accessing the game from 21st to 25th.

In addition, the shadow of the event goddess will be opened to the ‘Brilliant You’, and the new SSR card ‘Glory Ceremony’ will be added, and the probability of acquiring SSR cards such as ‘Landscape’ and ‘ominous Meeting’ will increase..

Hoyo Bus has held offline birthday parties of characters such as Kang Hyuk, Baek Eun-hu, and Yoon Noah since last year to reward domestic users. Held offline birthday party.

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