Demalog presents its new Highwater dystopian game

On a land, engulfed by the increase of waters, we will certainly comply with Nikos and also a few of his enduring pals. To have a chance to leave from the swamped area, you and also your friends will have to try whatever to take a shuttle in the direction of March, as well as get to Alphaville, the only area still protected.

For his narrative adventure, Highwater mixes various styles of play. You alternative in between expedition in a rescue canoe, as well as turn-by-turn battles. As well as to hope to obtain out of champion of a few of these clashes, you will certainly need to learn to make use of the atmosphere around you.

AfterGolf Club Wasteland _, Studio Demaog decides to go back to a post-apo atmosphere but this moment without the wit attributes that punctuated its golf video game.Highwaterprofiles as a narrative journey knocking the repercussions of global warming. Scheduled for a computer trip, the game has no specific release day so far, but need to see the light of day in 2022.


Attributes of Highwater

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