What is a rollerdrome? Release date, rolller

A new adventure from the creators of Olliolli and Olliolli World, combining roller skates and weapons to create a rapid and feverish sports shooter. That’s all we know about the Rollerdrom.

everything we know about the Rollerdrom

What is the release date of rollerdrome?

Rollerdr will be released August 16 , 2022 . You can monitor the official Rollerdrome Twitter to receive additional information and stay in the know. You can also add to the list of desires by the Rollerdrome in Steam for future updates.

What platforms is rollerdrome entering?

Rollerdrome starts PlayStation 4 , prefix 5 as well as PC . There was no confirmation of the Xbox release, but the previous Roll7 games really released on the Xbox, so Rollerdrome may also appear on this platform.


Rollerdrome is a sports game?

Rollerdrome in his heart Sports game -only the one that has cruel and cruel battle . Rollerdrome is a bloody sport that combines a high-octane shootout and smooth mechanics of movements, complemented by tricks. This sport is used as entertainment for the population, as corporations fill their pockets. Will you become a champion in the Rollerdrome and solve the plans of these corporations?

Rollerdrome Multipoling?

Rollerdrome is a single-user adventure but has online leaders’ table where you can compare your results with other Rollerdrome players. In addition to the plot, there is an unlocked Out For Blood mode that will check your skills.

Rollerdrome Trailer

Rollerdrome received a trailer with a release date during the PlayStation State of Play in June 2022. You can also find a trailer for the private unit of the YouTube channel. Look at the trailer to see the rapid action and the original soundtrack with your own eyes.

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