SC Magdeburg misses out on title defense in the European League

Tore for Magdeburg: Magnusson (12/8), Hornke (8 ), Kristjansson (7 ), Musche (3 ), Mertens (2 ), Jensen (2 ), Smits (2 ), Weber (1 ), Gullerud (1 ), O’Sullivan (1 ).

The Magdeburgers can crown a remarkable season on Thursday. In the Bundesliga game against relegation candidate Balingen, the group of coach Bennet Wiegert would be enough to make a draw to make the second German championship clear after 2001.

In a highly exciting game in Portugal’s capital, Omar Ingi Magnusson was the very best marker of the Magdeburgers with twelve goals. For Benfica, the five-time German worldwide Ole Rahmel was one of the most successful with eleven objectives.

SC Magdeburg - RK Nexe | Full Game Highlights | European League 2022 Semifinal

audience: 12,500.

Tore for Lisbon: Rahmel (11/5), Djordjic (8/4), Källman (6 ), Kukic (6 ), Borges Hernandez (6 ), Moreira (2 ), Grigoras (1 ).

In a significant last stage, Benfica had actually only handled to equalize 32:32 in the extremely last second. Driven by their loud fans, the Portuguese then additionally won the title in the extension. This was additionally as a result of the truth that, in spite of the most effective possibilities, Magdeburg repetitively stopped working as a result of the superior Benfica goalkeeper Sergey Hernandez.

Benfica Lisbon-Sc Magdeburg 40:39 n. V. (15:14, 32:32).

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