Garfield: In the new animated film, another Marvel mixes

Actors, the profession is so in front of the camera. In the upcoming Marvel strip Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Pratt will be seen as a star lord in all its splendor. But every now and then actors hide their otherwise earned face and let their voice speak for themselves.

Pratt, for example, is allowed to appear in the recently postponed Super Mario film as voice actor and even gives hangover Garfield his voice. Jim Davis’s popular comic character, after over a 15-year break, gets a new film on the cinema screen. And in addition to Pratt, another Marvel star ** is actually there!

Samuel L. Jackson plays Garfields… Father?!

As IGN reports, Samuel L. Jackson , in the Marvel universe as Nick Fury and founder of the Avengers, is also known to be heard in the Garfield film in a rather surprising role: Jackson is supposed to Garfield’s father* * embody. Vic **, according to the name of the cat dad, is a completely new figure that was created especially for the film and had no appearance in the original comics.

Samuel L. Jackson Joins New Garfield Movie | Entertainment News

With Chris Pratt and Samuel L. Jackson, the previous contingent of actors for the upcoming Garfield film is already a real board and experienced industrial veterans are also working behind the scenes. While the Oskar-nominated screenwriter David Reynolds (finds Nemo) dialogues and history of the film puts on paper, Mark Dindal (heaven and chicken) will act as a director.

Reynolds and Dindal have already worked together in the past, namely a kingdom for a lama on the cartoon. Despite the first information about actors and the production team, Alcon Entertainment and Sony have so far let us fall in the dark: there is still no appearance for the new Garfield film **.

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