The best wallpapers among us for PC and Mobile

Although Among Us has been released for about two years now, the recent increase in the number of players has passed the game from a little independent title to the great success of the developer they have ever had. Now that the game has millions of new players, many want to show their love for the game outside the game.

Here are the 10 best official and unofficial wallpapers for Among US on PC and Mobile.

Among us original promo

The original promotional art that InnersLoth has created for the release of the game is an old man but a goody. You can download it here.

Top 50 AMONG US Live Wallpapers | Wallpaper Engine

Two impostors

This incredible fanart by Nameski23 presents the crew among us in a more realistic style, representing orange and cyan as impostors covered with blood.

HD range

There is also a promotional art of HD wallpaper here without any displayed logo, if you like the style of promotional art, but it’s a little too busy for you with a logo.

Promo Halloween

This frightening wallpaper is perfect for the fall season, featuring the crew among us in halthe on the theme of Halloween. Just know that there will be more stuff than treats…

Polis Labs

While most wallpapers are either generic for the theme of the card, or take more feeling of an alternative universe, this wallpaper is all about the third card of the game, Polis.

Winter wonders

If we include wallpaper on the theme of autumn, we had to include this wallpaper on the theme of winter too. It was a rear vacation promotion hen The game was launched for the first time, but just looked a good in 2020.

I accuse you!

The latest official promotional image of the list is this hilarious image which sums up the feeling of playing the game so well. Red accusing white, when the dead all know that it is red.

Among us (mobile)

This wallpaper takes parts of official art and incorporates them into a mobile phone designed by wallpaper.

You are a teammate (mobile)

A Reddit user has made a nice wallpaper of the Red Teleage teammate and offered to make personalized changes for people of their favorite color / hat, etc.

Ejected (mobile)

The last wallpaper is optimized for iPad or tablet and shows the crew among us floating in space. I guess they were ejected…

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