Madden Nfl 23 filtration reveals John Madden as a possible cover star

EA may be planning to dedicate madden nfl 23 to the titular legend itself, John Madden. The Madden series has strengthened for several decades and has managed to overcome any potential competitor. The series has tried to be as realistic as possible since its inception due to the insistence of John Madden himself, but his participation in the series was decreasing over time. Unfortunately, the iconic coach and commentator died in December 2021 at the age of 85. The cause of his death has never been revealed to the public, but it was a tragic loss not only for the football community, but for the world of sport in general.

It seems that this has not been lost in EA, since it seems that the game will have some type of tribute to John Madden. Twitter user all games saw an advertisement of madden nfl 23 that seems to reveal to John Madden as the game cover star. The cover presents a black and white image of John Madden aside with the logo of the game and the year he was born and the year he died. Sports games sometimes have variants based on the edition that players buy, so it is currently not clear whether John Madden would be in the standard version of the game or reserved for a premium edition. That said, things get a bit rare because the same cover was conceptualized online earlier this year. Reddit Gregor630 user published the cover five months ago at the Madden Subnet. It is possible that EA liked the design and asked permission to use it or all this is a hoax and someone bought a physical advertising space for a false cover, although that would be a fairly elaborate plan. Only time will say it, but for now, take it with tweezers.

This is the second possible. Madden NFL 23 escape that will occur this year and the game has not yet been officially announced, but the series has been released annually for many years, so it is likely that fans wait another at some point in this fall. The Madden series has presented a series of athletes such as Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes and many other icons on the cover over the years. Several athletes have hurt or had bad seasons after appearing on the cover, which leads fans to believe in the “curse of Madden.” Patrick Mahomes refuted the curse by winning the Super Bowl in the same season in which he appeared on the cover of madden nfl 20. John Madden himself has not appeared on a cover of the game since madden nfl 2000.

The Madden NFL Curse..

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