Netmarble PC Online Battle Royale Recruitment of Steam Test participants

Netmarble began recruiting its new HypeSquad Alpha Test participants on the 15th.

The test will be held from June 14 to 21 (ending at 2 am on the 21st of Korea’s time), and you can apply for the test participation code through the official high Squad website before the test ends. Korean in the test. It supports a total of nine languages, including English.

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High Square is a Battle Royale game in the future, and is officially serviced through Steam. During the Alpha Test period, you can experience the survival and occupying mode battles in the Cagliostro map.

In Survival Mode, a battle is in progress to cover the final winning team within the Gray Field, which is getting less and more time as time goes by. In the occupation mode, the team that failed to secure the occupation by the end of each round will be out of the game sequentially, and the team that has secured the final occupation in the final round wins.

Netmarble will receive a ride skin that can be used in the official launch to all users who participate in the test. More information can be found on the official high -Squad website.

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