Rogue -light RPG gamebooks approach the charm of “DARK QUEST: Board Game” that you can play many times! [Play in Digebo! ]

“Play in Digebo!” Features a digital board game with charm with board game elements, card game elements, and table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver the latest work of “Dark QUEST” series, “ Dark Quest: Board Game ” with TRPG and card game elements.

This work was distributed by BRAIN SEAL LTD on May 5, 2022 on Steam. The original “Dark QUEST” series, which is the basis of this work, was released on Steam on January 21, 2015. With the turn -based dungeon RPG, we will move the character that will be a piece and explore the dungeon (different from the action RPG “Dark Quest” series released by the game loft).

Inspire this series is a fantasy board game called “HERO QUEST” published in 1989. Last year, the remake version was released. In the first “Dark QUEST”, since the dungeon co -manager, the wizard of the enemy, plays a role like a GM (game master), so you can play like a TRPG.

In this work, the title has a “board game”, but as mentioned above, this series has been quite conscious of board games since the first generation. The mechanism of dice rolls is incorporated in the event of a collision with the enemy, and the HP and parameters are simplified to make it easier to understand. I liked the graphics of “Kotekote’s Western Fantasy style”. I think it’s a game that stabs the game book generation.

The sequel “Dark Quest 2” was released on Steam on March 6, 2018. The graphics have been renewed, and the game screen has changed from a look down to a quarter view. Although the game balance was not good in the first generation (in a sense, it was a highly random and highly difficult balance like a solo board game), but this work has resolved the dissatisfaction, making it an easy -to -play work. I am. It is implemented online multiplayer and dungeon editor (can be shared with other users through workshops), so you can do it quite a bit, so if you play the “Dark QUEST” series in the future, you suddenly played from 2. I think it’s good.

And in this work, it is a work that adds card game elements and rogging elements to the “Dark Quest 2” system. The board game color is also quite strong. Let’s play what kind of game it is!

New “Dark QUEST” with a renewed system!

When you start the game, first select a party character. In addition to regular Barbarian, dwarf, wizard from the first generation, you can choose a total of 5 people, archer and lady . Lady is a support magic user.

Right -click on each character to display a unique card (only the leftmost card at the start of the game. Increase by upgrading). The use of the card can be said to be a new element of this work. There are four types of parameters: “ power, quickness, intelligence, sensation “. This time, let’s go with Barbarian, Dwarf, Wizard, Lady .

Turn the card at the bottom left of the screen and proceed with the game. Various events occur depending on the drawn card. It is a system like the popular digital action TRPG “Hand of Fate” series and the classic masterpiece “Talisman” of fantasy board games. The enemy this time is also a familiar “bad wizard”. It is a request to defeat it.

As a preparation for the adventure, you can get one of the two “ rune card “. Rune cards are effective for the entire party during the game. This time, we will take “ Healing Groon ” that adds 0 to+1 heel effect.

Turn the card at the bottom left of the screen and proceed with the game. Next is a travel merchant. You can get one of the two equipment cards for free. Let’s take “ leather boots ” with +1 quickness. Unlike rune cards, this will not be effective unless the character is equipped (removal is free). Equip it on a low -speed dwarf.

He met the alchemist and provided the consumption card “ potion card “. Two options: “ double damage “, where the next attack is doubled, and “ healing potion “, which recovers 3 to 4 points HP. Take a healing potion with emphasis on protection. It has changed from the previous dungeon RPG route to the atmosphere of a modern rogue card game.

Battle starts!

A party who got lost in the forest. I found a spirit shrine. By praying, you can get a recovery effect and card. However, dice rolls must be successful. There is no need to recover now, so let’s get a card.

Roll judgment with 10 sides dice. It is successful 5 to 10. The result is 6, somehow successful. Up to the previous two works were performed internally, but from this work, there is only a “board game”, so you can see the dice. By the way, click the white dice at the bottom right of the screen to re -swing. The number under the white dice is the number of uses. This time I was able to get a “double damage” card.

Encounter the wooden monster “ Trent” . The choice of “fighting or running away”. If you escape, you will be judged by the quickness of the entire party. This is, of course, a battle.

Battle screen. The battle is a turn -based, and it moves one character at a time with an enemy and ally. Characters can use cards other than moving. Cards include “ primary ” (consuming turns) and “ secondary ” (not consuming turns, but must be used before the primary). In addition, “ passive card ” is effective just by having it.

If you use an attack card, you choose where to launch the attack. The character moves automatically and attacks from the specified direction. Also, if multiple characters are adjacent to the enemy, the siege effect will cause +1 damage.

Dwarf’s card “ drinking ale “. It is a unique card full of bakuchi elements, such as “double damage” or “mistake” at the next attack without consuming action. When I tried using it for trial, the result was “mistakes”. Hmm…

The wizard can be magical attacks from long distances. If you use the “Magic Attack” card, first select the target, then select the destination of the character. If you do not want to move, click on your current location to attack from the spot.

Win the battle! You can upgrade one character in the party. This work does not have a level concept and will be a new card. There are many powerful cards, so let’s take it according to the situation. This time, I got a Barbarian “ Double Attack ” card. A passive card that automatically deals additional damage when attacking for the fourth time.

To further battle journey!

As I went through the forest, I was attacked by an enemy. There is no option other than fighting. Fortunately, it wasn’t very strong, so it turned back easily. It is an upgrade, but this time I will take the dwarf’s “ thorn barrel ” card. Install a barrel containing thorns, causing damage when the enemy is destroyed.

“SKULL OF FATE” is a lucky event that has appeared since the first generation in the series. Requires a dice to a lady and is damaged or recovered by its eyes. As a result, the dice was 3. 2 damage.

Encounter a forest hermit. He says, “I don’t want to get involved in each other. I’m going to leave it quickly.” “Receive money” or “threaten and receive twice as much”, but somehow a great choice. It’s not justice of justice.

The number of enemies appears, and the battle is gradually becoming more and more full -fledged. An enemy that can attack long -range attacks is quite troublesome. Make a focus on one body and reduce the number as a top priority.

I stopped by a blacksmith. Two options: “receiving equipment cards with no risk” or “receiving advanced equipment with dice rolls”. Let’s try your luck here. As a result, the dice failed in 3. When I re -waved again using the relol, it became 7. Get “ Chain Mail ” with “+2 armor at the start of the battle”.

In the forest, I found a captive Lancer ! When you restart, you can use it as a party character. In this work, you can increase the number of characters used by encountering a new character during the adventure.

After passing through the forest, we arrived at the ruins of the Death. I found a treasure chest. “Get the equipment card” or “get two lilol dice”. The lilol dice was broken, so let’s get it.

A large enemy character with 8 HP appears. Other enemies are also high HP and are strong enemies. Use the wizard magic “ Lightning Storm ” that I just learned earlier. Randomly deals 1 to 3 magic damage to 3 enemies.

Dwarf and Lady died after a series of battles. At the graveyard event, only one person can come back to life. Let’s revive the lady here. At present, even four people are strict, but if one is missing, it will be even more severe.

The Wizard and Lady sank in the second consecutive match, and only the Barbarian remained. The enemy is two large units, Minotaurus. It has become quite packed, but can you survive from here? Please play with your own hands.

System New Rogue Light LPG

This work has renewed the system from the previous two works and changed to an RPG with a rogue -like element. The form of drawing a card and proceeding with the story is like a play like “Hand of Fate” or “Talisman”. To be honest, in the sense of “board games”, I think that the first “Dark Quest” was the best board game -like (this work is more like a game book), but all of this work is all. The randomity of the scenario that was not in the two works was added, making it a suitable work for replays.

The characters used will increase at the time of restart by helping the captive characters as described above. It is also a good point that you can play repeatedly with various combinations. Currently, Japanese support is not provided, and it is a text -based content, but I think that if you can read simple English, it will not hinder play. If you like game books and two previous works, please try this work.

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