LOL: Why is Korean alone in the world? This is explained by a Gen. G.

When it comes to the best regions of League of Legends in the world, the community always remembers South Korea . Country of origin of teams such as the T1, in which the world tricampeón plays Faker, Samsung White/Galaxy and Damwon, all world champions, the players of these and other teams arose to highlight in the Soloq Coreano , considered one Of the best in the world, but what are the differences that Korea has with the qualifying tails of other regions?

The South Korean Lol teacher talks about the Korean Soloq

Lowell “Brinedevil” published a Reddit publication entitled: “I worked at an Electronic Sports Academy in Seoul and here is why Soloq is as it is.” With more than 4000 votes in favor and 500 comments, he hit the community with some of his comments, which generated a lot of discussion.

Brinedevil states that he worked as a professor at LOL at the Gen.G Academy in Seoul, capital of South Korea. He said in the publication that the majority of his students had links that went from Diamond to Grand Master. On his Instagram profile he published several stories at the organization’s facilities.

The history and routine of LOL players from South Korea

According to Brinedevil, the intention of his publication is to unravel some of the things behind the great history of the rankeds of South Korea. For him, the first big difference between Korea and North America, for example, is the base of players, which in the Asian country is very young.

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“In Na, PC players tend to be old Any age, which means that Elo high players are between 15 and 18 years old. “

In addition, Brinedevil also revealed details about how the routine of South Korean adolescents affects the way they play LOL and become professional players.

“In Korea, the school and institutes’ schedule is from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, but after that time the students go to the school gyms, where another four or five hours pass. After 12 hours If they are sitting in a classroom, they return home and begin to play alone around 7/8 in the afternoon with the hope that someone Carre will and they just want to finish the games soon. Play behind is considered boring and have I had a day too boring to move on. “

In Bredevil’s words, these facts create a culture in which adolescents play three or four games a day , until their mothers tell them to leave the PC. On weekends they play from 12 to 14 hours a day and this routine is repeated, as in a cycle.

“They are looking for easy victories. In Na [North America] players have a chess mentality: they play with a lot of strategy. In Korea it is a poker mentality: did you take a bad hand? Try it again.”


According to Brinedevil, When Na players go to Korea, they hope to see a lol playing full of strategy , but they really find young people who want to play Moba as a game of continuous fights and focused on mechanics .

“This is also the reason why Na will never win an international tournament. Mechanics is the basis of the League. When a Korean player can intimidate his opponent and have an advantage of two levels to 7 minutes, why do would they bother to try to play macro against you? “

The professor also said that this is the reason why the streamers who like games with many fights and mechanics, such as Katevolved and Tfblade, quickly go up in the Korean ranking, while the slower and macro -dependent players like Tyler1 fight Much to get ahead.

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