LOL: The worst objects of the game that do not meet Riots goals

Every time Riot Games introduces a novelty in League of Legends aims to give more variety to the games. The company does not want players to get bored and make changes periodically that reach its maximum exponent with the introduction of new elements. They can be champions, runes and even objects. However, there are times when the work of the development team does not bear fruit and the additions pass without penalty or glory. A particularly probable situation in the case of items.

The worst objects of League of Legends

With the introduction of the mythical object system, the popularity of each of the items of this existing category in the game is more important than ever. That everyone is used is synonymous that the games in which we play or face the same character are different. It is an idea in which Riot Games affects a lot since the beginning of the last season, but they could not end up completing. Some articles are used continuously by a wide assortment of champions, while others would barely see them or play a hundred times in a row.

Currently, the less chosen objects of League of Legends are the following

The truth is that, observing the list, it is difficult to find a single reason why players do not make these items. It seems clear that in the case of the crown of the Queen Queen and the night harvester the reason may be their performance, since both occupy the last two positions if we analyze the items based on the rate of victories. Just a few champions are able to use them properly and even in the most favorable scenarios are worse than Luden’s echo and hextech belt.

As for Turbo chemotanque , the truth is that it remains a great item despite having lost whole. However, it is a situational object that only adapts to a few characters in the category for which it is thought. Something to add the fact that tanks are not too popular. Even so, the most curisous cases are those of the Mortaja of stillness and the imperial mandate . The truth is that they are very undervalued objects by the community. They adapt to several characters, but they simply seem to be striking.

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The truth is that items suffer from a problem similar to that of the champions. League of Legends has a lot of objects whose effects are not easily noticeable that tend to be undervalued by the community. These two articles for support have a similar function, but as it is not too colorful, players seem not to realize the situation. It is something similar to what happens to the Trinity, which despite being almost always a better object than its main substitute, the divine heartbreaking, is chosen much less in most champions.

The truth is that Riot Games could raise small adjustments to these articles . As a general rule, most League of Legends fans tend to better value those elements (objects, champions or runes) that are easily understood and make their effects on the game evident. More than needing great equilibrium changes, what they probably ask for a screaming is a marketing strategy.

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