The second collaboration of “Browl Hara” and “Street Fighter”! 5 people including Luke will participate in the war

Ubee Isoft has announced the second collaboration between the basic play action “ Blowl Hara ” and the Capcom fighting game “ Street Fighter “, and five new characters will participate. Was revealed.

In the first installment, “Ryu”, “Shunli” and “Great Demon” participated, but this time “ Dalsim “, “ Sakura ” “ Ken ” “” Five people, Vega and “ Luke “, participate. In addition, a new map inspired by “Bustling Side Street” will also appear.

Darcim (Rayman skin)
Strict Dalsim, who controls himself, can stretch his body, fire, and attack quickly. He is a pacifist but fights if necessary.

Sakura (Lin Fei skin)
Sakura is a patient and disciplined warrior, and she acknowledges that many fighters may be as strong as her previously trained rivals.

Ken (Petra skin)
Like her best friend and rival Ryu, Ken’s goal is to prove her strength to many fighters. He may be unpredictable and cheeky, but his heart is pure.

Vega (Thor skin)
Vega is a dictator who aims to conquer the world, and is ready to eliminate anything that blocks the way.

Luke (Cross skin)
Inspired by his father who died to evacuate civilians, he joined the army. Later, he began his path to challenge the enemy around the world.

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“Blowl Hara” is being distributed for Windows (Steam)/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. The second collaboration with “Street Fighter” will be launched on May 25 local time.

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