Prime Gaming: Dead Space 2 leads a large list of free games for the month of May

In addition to the many rewards you can obtain through Twitch, such as a League of Legends capsule, cosmetics for New World, Booty boxes for Blizzard games or articles in Lost Ark, Subscribe to Amazon Prime also allows you to get games Free. They are available until May 31, 2022, so don’t forget to consult the official website. Then go to the Games tab and simply click “Card” to get your game for free.

However, you must be very careful, in most cases, you must download the Amazon Games application on your computer to play these titles. In other cases, Amazon provides a download code that must then enter the launcher appropriate (Origin, Steam, GOG, etc.).

Without further ado, here are the six games offered in May in Prime Gaming.

Dead Space 2

Platform *: Origin (Amazon provides you with a code)
Original launch date : January 25, 2011
Gender : Survival horror
* Developer : Visceral Games

It is certainly the “biggest” game of this selection offered by Amazon. Although the title is already more than ten years old, it is worth giving it a chance. Set three years after the events of the original game, Dead Space 2 takes place in a space station near Saturn that is full of necromorphic terrifying. Dead Space 2 has a captivating atmosphere, an exceptional combat, a great system of updates and devices, and a captivating story. Also keep in mind that a new version of the original game Dead Space is currently under development in EA.


The Curse of Monkey Island

Platform *: Amazon Games
Original launch date : 1997
Gender : Graphic adventure
* Developer : Lucasfilm Games

Amazon obviously likes to offer games of yesteryear, but this at least allows you to try great classics like this Monkey Island while waiting for the new game that is currently being developed. This is the third installment of the series of graphic adventures that will fall in love from the first minute.

SHATTered – Tale of the Forgotten King

Platform *: Amazon Games
Initial launch date : June 4, 2019
Gender : Action, role
* Developer : Redlock Studio

Immerse yourself in a dark story of science and fantasy, open your way through the ruins and recover memory in this 3D action RPG.

Out of Line

Platform *: Amazon Games
Initial launch date : June 23, 2021
Gender : Platforms
* Developer : Nerd Monkeys

Out of Line is a 2D platform and puzzles game whose universe has been completely drawn by hand. He accompanies San on his introspective trip for the search for her identity and freedom. Discover several wonderful worlds where many obstacles await you.

Mail Mole + ‘Xpress Deliveries

Platform *: Amazon Games
Initial launch date : March 4, 2021
Gender : Platforms
* Developers : Undercoders and Talpa Games

Mail Mole is a fresh and colorful 3D platform game starring Molty, the fastest mailbox too in the world, which must now save Carroondia.

Cat Quest

Platform *: Amazon Games
Initial launch date : November 22, 2017
Gender : Platforms
* Developer : Gentlebros

Cat Quest is an open world role play set in a world governed by cats!

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