“APEX LEGENDS” will it be difficult to add a new legend every season in the future? Anxiety about legendary production revealed by developers

The addition of a new legend in APEX Legends seems to be canceled in the future. Developers have suggested interviews with overseas media Dexerto.

APEX LEGENDS has a new season every three months, and new legends have participated in a new season. In this work, which celebrated its third anniversary in February this year, 12 legends have been added from the appearance of octane in Season 1. And even in Season 13, New Castle will participate as a new legend.

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Therefore, in the new season of this work, the appearance of the new legend is an annual additional element, along with the new map or map modification. However, it seems that developers have suggested that the additional pace of the new legend will be delayed in the future.

According to Devan McGuire, a senior character designer of this work, there are plans to release legends for each season, but they are not aware that they will continue. He continues to say that it will be impossible to add legends every season, or the “limit point” that will be bad for the game may come. According to him, on the other hand, whether or not to continue this release policy is in the middle of continuous debate and may not be changed. However, he said, “We are not willing to saturate the (legend) pool.”

In addition, the lead concept artist CRISTINA FEREZ also talked about some issues when adding a new legend to APEX Legends. In the game, players are required to instantly distinguish their opponent’s legend. Because it is necessary to consider the abilities that the other person is using. To do so, Ferez explains that the silhouettes of each legend must be different from each other. In a fast -paced battle in this work, it is necessary to remove the risk of confusing players. And this will become more difficult as the number of legends increases.

As mentioned above, the development team seems to recognize the difficulties of continuing to develop unique legends in terms of performance and visuals. Legend development also includes many steps, including person settings, design, capacity adjustment, motion capture and voice recording. Therefore, legendary development is a major project that requires a long time. Due to the difficulty of development, it is possible that the release policy of the new legend will eventually change.

Fortunately, the Legend’s release plan has not been changed at present, so it is likely that the new legend will participate in Season 14. I would like to look forward to the success of New Castle in the season 13.

The APEX LEGENDS season 13 “Savior” will be held on May 11th.

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