Sellen in Elden Ring: where to find her and how to complete her thread of Step by step by step

Sellen, the witch is one of Elden Ring’s most interesting NPCs, but has a very confusing Missions thread ** and only suitable for very creative minds. Completing her Misiones thread is very convenient, especially for those who decide to build a magician character. Next I tell you how to complete her story step by step.

Sellen, the witch: the search for power

The first step is Find Sellen . Most players find her exploring during the first hours. However, it is also possible to find it thanks to the indications of Seluvis, an NPC belonging to the Ranni Misiones thread. In any case, she is in the Ruins of the post in necrolimbo guarded by an enemy head pumpkin.

After defeating him, you will find Sellen. If she attacks her, she will disappear and your relationship with the witch will be damaged. If you talk to her, she will tell you part of her story and will offer to be your teacher . Accept her offer. Now you have access to the inventory of refuligent stones spells. She tells you that her true body is caught and that you must help her.

Then, go to the ruins of the forms of the witch . There you will find a warehouse where you will find Sellen’s body tied to the wall. Do not make the same mistake as me: Do not attack her with the intention of releasing her , you will kill her. Even if you want to kill her, I recommend that you wait a little and follow the mission.

The mission will remain in the air and that is why many players forget it. You will have to get to the Monte Gelmir , on the Altus plateau. Use the great dectus elevator or cross the mine northwest of the elevator. You will see the brand of the mine on the map as an intense red point, it has no loss.

Then, you have to get to the grace called Primal Sorcerer Azur , who is guarded by a boss and enough enemies. You will find a wizard sitting.

After talking to him,Hover still/around 30-40 seconds in front of him. Any movement that involves retiring will cut your waiting time. At the end, it will give you a spell: Blue Comet *, the one you have seen in hundreds of videos that resembles a kame hame ha and that destroys final bosses.

Do not go! Rest in the grace next to him (or make a fast trip) and return to where the sorcerer was to collect the set of clothes from him.

Now you can leave. Return with Sellen in the ruins of the post and tell him everything you have discovered about Azur. Then, Sellen will tell you where she is and will give you a Rompesellos to find it. The location of him is in a cave called Escondrijo de Sellen. This is where many players abandon the mission for wear.

The thread of missions becomes confusing and even unfair. The dungeon is hidden after a tombstone in a cement to the north of the church of the plague (where Millicent is located). The unfair part of the matter is that you have tofind the exact point and hit * so that the illusory wall disappears.

If it does not work, try to unlock the stamps of the city of Sellia (light the three braziers of the towers), which are northwest of the church of the plague. You should have passed by before arriving in that area, but with Elden Ring you never know.

Once you find the cave, you have already made the most difficult part. Now explore the cave. The area you are looking for is a lot before the final boss , almost at the beginning of the dungeon. The first gallery is divided into two sections, your goal is the second abyss . Walk through the purple crystals that make bridge until you reach this exact point. Throw stones that illuminate the area to detect this specific point.

Sorceress Sellen - Questline Guide & How To Complete All Her Quests In Elden Ring

Think without fear, but be careful with the magician you will find just when falling. Break the blue stamp that protects the magician and enters without fear. You will find Lucart. Talk to him and you will receive the spell ruin stars . If you return later, you will get the Lusart clothes.

Now come back with Sellen. The last part of the Sellen missions thread begins. When you talk to her, she will ask that return to her body tied to her and that you release it through a very painful process. You will tear her the magical essence of her.

The question is: What to do when you have torn her magic essence? This is another point where many players leave the mission because they simply do not know what to do… and with much reason.

Before leaving, travel to a nearby grace to recharge the world and return to the same place. You will find Jerren, the organizer of the Caelid festival, who is dedicated to hunting witches in his free time. Talk to him. He tries not to attack him, do not be ahead of events.

Once you exhaust all the dialogues of Jerren, go in search of a body for Sellen. Your destination is at the foot of the Ranni tower . Walk southeastly, towards very close ruins.

There is nothing! Sure. If you play without messages from other players, it is almost impossible to try to hit the ground so that the illusory floor disappears and the hiding place you see in the image is revealed. Enter without fear, there are no enemies.

Just in case finding this hiding place has not been enough, you also have to find the illusory wall that is in the end of the puppet room. You will see a younger body than Sellen’s. She interacts with him and the witch “will return to life.”

Now Sellen will announce his plans: Take the academy . Go to the Academy and go to the room of the final boss. If you have not done it, you already have a new goal. If you have done it, travel to the grace of the room. At the doors of the great library you will see two invocations: one gold and one red.

* Golden Invocation : Help Sellen defeat Jerren. You receive the Jerren armor set and the Kris ritual leaf of the refulent st1. In addition, Rennala will take the site in the center of the room and swear loyalty.

* Red invocation : You go to Jorren to kill Sellen. You receive the Sellen fragments witch crown and his sphere. Jerren will give you an ancient dragon forge stone.

If you help Sellen, his story does not end in the middle of the Academy Library. If you come back later, you see that Rennala is again in the center and that Sellen has found a destination… horrible. I let you discover it for yourself.

Important clarification : Sellen can be revived by the absolution ritual in the Church of the oaths, provided that you have killed it without wanting or unintentionally to be able to avoid it at any time of the mission. If you help Jorren and kill her, she will not relive.

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