Bitlife Bitizen – benefits, price and is it worth it?

If you play Bitlife a lot on your phone, then you undoubtedly think about investing in Bitizen. If you doubt it, then we will consider all the advantages that you get, and also decide whether to buy them!

Price Bitlife bitizen

Bitize will cost you 4.99 US dollars. It used to be cheaper, but now that the game came out for a while, the price has risen. This is a one -time purchase, not a monthly subscription, so do not worry about repeating payments.

List of Bitizen benefits

  • No more advertising
  • Pet store and breeders
  • Interaction with bosses
  • Exotic pets
  • Dark mode

  • Unlimited number of generations
  • Interaction with the teacher
  • Hire the killer
  • Prison gangs

is it worth it to become bitizen?

BitLife: why to become a bitizen
It largely depends on the frequency of your game! If you are an avid player in games, then, of course, it is worth it. The lack of need to view the same boring advertisement again and again is an excellent bonus. If you like to truly detail your life, then this gives some excellent bonuses that allow you to receive certain and exotic pets. Dark mode is an excellent function, especially if you often play in a dark room. One of the particularly good aspects of this is the fact that you will receive all future content for free! The game will probably become more and more reliable in the future, so having access to these things, without worrying about raising prices, is a pretty good advantage.

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