Xbox Game Pass could last chance for the disaster

The Xbox Game Pass could soon receive well-known growth in the form of two EA games. While FIFA 22 can do a round of honor, Battlefield 2042 is probably the last chance to win new players.

BF2042 coming to Game Pass? + All Known Issues | BF2042 News Update

The Xbox Game Pass game library could soon be upgraded with two heavyweights. In the Microsoft store and in the Game Pass app, signs have appeared that Both FIFA 22 and Battlefield 2042 will be added to the service shortly. For EAS flopped shooters, this could be the last opportunity to find an audience.

Battlefield 2042: Soon available free of charge for game pass subscribers

Battlefield 2042 could be integrated into the Xbox Game Pass promptly. In the Polish Xbox store, EAS Shooter has already been briefly provided with the game pass symbol. In the past, this was also made at Mass Effect: Legendary Edition **, shortly before the remaster trilogy was included in the subscription service. (Source: XGP)

With the cooperation between Xbox Game Pass and EA Play, this new addition appears quite likely. The fact that the release was almost six months now could speak for this step. After all, it is no secret that Battlefield 2042 has had to fight for his players for some time. With an appearance in the game pass subscription, the shooter could draw attention to itself again and should hope for a player boost, as well as Marvel’s Avengers a few months ago.

At the same time this would probably be the last opportunity for the game : If Battlefield 2042 does not reach an audience in the Game Pass, the shooter would have finally failed.

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FIFA 22: is Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation Plus?

In addition to Battlefield 2042, FIFA 22 may also be added to the Game Pass offer in May. In the ** Game Pass app, the game has already been marked as available for a short time, but has not yet been started through the service. (Source: XGP)

A game pass release from FIFA 22 in May would make sense, because FIFA 21 was also added last year to Microsoft’s subscription service. This year it would happen to happen in the same month in which EAS football simulation is added to the free games of PlayStation Plus.

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