Martial arts RPG Moorim Story developed by Vietnam Start domestic service

Gosu Online, a Vietnamese game developer, announced that the mobile martial arts RPG ‘Moorim’, which is directly developed and serviced by the company, will provide domestic service through the Google Play Store and One Store.

VIXX — Alive (OST Moorim School) [FMV]

Moorim is a martial arts RPG with a slogan of “Orthodox Martial Arts RPG, which adds martial arts to martial arts.” It features a variety of unique characters and fast growth systems. It also includes competitive contents such as siege, volcanic match, and crowds, recruit systems, fashion systems, vehicles, and marriage systems.

The game is currently being serviced in Vietnam and Cambodia, and the company plans to apply verified stability and contents to domestic services through services in the pre -launched area.

An official from Kosu Online said, “I hope that it will bring the fresh breeze of the Vietnamese game to the Korean market. As long as we have prepared for Korean services for a long time, many people will download and many people will feel satisfied.”

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