Dragon Ball: Piccolo remembers Gohans best moments and leave clues about the movie

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is just around the corner, at leGohant in Japan, and every time we have more details about the movie. One of them who seems more than obvious is that Piccolo and Gohan will have a great prominence, not in vain it seems that the plot will turn around the daughter of the second, bread , which hGohan already grown and seems to have developed the combat skills we saw in the end of Dragon Ball Z . Now, V Jump magazine gives more details of the relationship between teacher and disciple and places where the film will take place.

almost father-son: Maestro Piccolo and the Guerrero Gohan

In a special two pages , Japanese magazine reviews the vision of Piccolo on how Gohan hGohan been growing throughout the series since they met for the first time. The first memory he hGohan, Gohan can be another, is that of Gohan attacking Raditz , following the year of training that were together waiting for the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa ** to Earth.

Dragonball Z - Piccolo's FLASHBACK OF Gohan

One of the key moments of the relationship is when the tone between the two changes during that fight against the Saiyans and Piccolo saves Gohan from a safe death and thank him for having treated him Gohan one more and not a monster. Memories advance to Namek, where Piccolo returns to help the warriors and there is a strengthened Gohan.

The tour happens in the time of Cell, when Piccolo is totally surprised at how he hGohan grown up in the living room of time and is transformed into Super Saiyan. Finally, when Gohan mystical saves them before Buu, Piccolo is surprised because the Ki of his disciple wGohan different.

Where is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? More clues through Piccolo

There is still a seventh memory of Piccolo, which is during the survival tournament of the universes and, in the end, during the saga of the galactic prisoner (Moro), Piccolo says that Gohan is someone who can always count on him. The magazine ends with a “How will MGohanter Piccolo see the disciple of his Gohan in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?”.

This hGohan triggered users’ speculation saying that the film is located after the Moorish arch. On the one hand, that is safe, but on the other, it cannot be said that the film goes between Moro and Granola (the arch of the current manga), since precisely in this adventure on Granola , Bardock and company, Gohan does not appear and therefore, saying that the film goes before Granola does not seem to be the most accurate.

We remember that for the growth of Goten and Trunks, everything seems to indicate that the action of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is located near the end of Dragon Ball Z . We remind you that Super develops between the end of Buu and the end of Z, in those years of ImpGohan.

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