The best PVP classes in Wow Shadowlands

PVP is the main activity in World of Warcraft. Players can compete in various PVP acting, from matches in the arena to the battlefields. But for those who are just starting or want to try something new, knowledge of which class to choose can be stunning. Fortunately, we have made a list that will help narrow the circle of questions.

The rating is based on an average score on the rating fields of battles in the third season of Shadowlands. If the account is equal, it will move on to the percentage of victories to determine the winner.

5 best rating PVP classes on the battlefields

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5. Paladin

The paladin adapts with three very powerful subclasses to choose from. They can tank, treat and inflict damage per second with great success on the battlefields. Add a little plate armor, and it will be a little more difficult to kill than a conventional robber.

4. Robber

The robbers have always been successful in PVP due to their ability to become invisible, stun the enemy and apply a huge amount of damage. They are indeed one of the most aggravating classes for the game because of their arsenal.

3. Warlock

Despite the fact that they are not so dominated by PVP as in PVE, number three are not a bad position. Having at their disposal of the pets who bother opponents, and many spells at their disposal, the warlocks are quite dangerous.

2. Priest

Holiness, discipline or shadow. Regardless of the taste of the priests, they bring help or harm to the battlefields. Just make sure you stay on their good side.

1. Druid

Like the Paladin, the druid is a multi -purpose threat due to its versatility. They can tank bosses, treat allies, inflict damage in near or magical battle and, on the whole, be a splinter in the side. With a result, almost twice as much as Priest, they are clearly favorites this season.

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