PS Plus change becomes more specific: Whoever has both subscriptions benefits maximum

On June 22nd, Sony changes its subscription services in Germany, expands PS Plus and stops PS NOW. Many of you will therefore surely wonder what happens with your completed memberships. For subscribers to both services, we now have good news with regard to the changeover: You benefit maximum and will automatically migrate in PS Plus Premium – with the longest running time in advance. Sounds a little confused? Don’t worry, we explain it very well.

General information about the PS Plus parade

If you have currently completed a PS Plus subscription , your membership is converted into a PS plus essential subscription without additional costs. To increase in one of the other two ranks (extra/premium), you can do that at any time.

You have currently completed a PS now subscription , you move to the highest of the three levels without additional costs, in PS Plus Premium, and benefit from all bonuses such as the game libraries and the game trials. Incidentally, there is an interesting leak for the latter, after which you can trial all AAA games in the future.

All information about restructuring and PS Plus in general:

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Games, prices, advantages: all information about service


that happens if you have PS Plus and PS now

A big question has so far been open: What actually happens when I have both memberships? Here we have good news for you. On the one hand, thanks to your PS now subscription, you naturally move to PS Plus Premium. On the other hand, you also benefit from the longest membership. (via Playstation)

An example: You have currently completed PS Plus for three more months until July 31, 2022, but PS NOW, on the other hand, recently extended by twelve months to April 30, 2023. At the start of PS Plus Premium on June 22, you will receive the service for the rest of your PS now membership, i.e. until April 30, 2023.

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PS Plus LineUp already leaked in May

In the meantime, it has already become a habit that the new “free” games for PS Plus will be published in advance, including May 2022. This time FIFA 22, Curse of the Dead Gods and Tribes of Midgard are there. You can read what awaits you in the three games here.

If you have any questions about the change of your subscription, please write them in the comments.

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