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At Saturn you can get a 55-inch 4K TV for only 295 euros today in the day offer. It is the 2021 with a non-binding price recommendation of 599 euros published JTC S55U55349J. With this price, Saturn is currently a significant distance of the cheapest providers for the model, according to comparison platforms. The shipping is free. The deal was started at 9 o’clock today and runs for 24 hours, if the TV is not sold out beforehand. Here you will find him:

JTC S5555349J (4K TV, 55 inches) for 259 € (RRP: 599 €) at Saturn

How good is the JTC S5555349J?

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We could not test the JTC S55U55349J myself and otherwise there are hardly any test reports for the model. Therefore, we can only summarize for you at this point, which tell us the datasheet and the few user reviews:

Picture: Image quality should not be sick for the very low price. The contrast ratio, which, according to the manufacturer’s instructions at approx The peak brightness specified with 250 cd / m2 is quite low as usual with low-budget televisions. Therefore, your expectations should not be too high.

Operating System: The JTC S5555349J uses an Android-based operating system that should actually provide good app support. Nevertheless, user reports are reported by a limited app selection. So you should set to yourself that you may need an external device like your console or Amazon Fire TV Stick to use certain streaming services.

Gaming: For the gaming performance of the JTC S55U55349J, unfortunately, we can only say little, we have no data for input. In any case, full HDMI 2.1 does not exist because the 4K TV has only a 60 Hz display. So you also remain limited with PS5 or Xbox Series X to a maximum of 60 fps at 4K resolution.

JTC S5555349J (4K TV, 55 inches) for 259 € (RRP: 599 €) at Saturn

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