Mislinat: The first 30 minutes? We are not

“It’s just not enough, as we get into the game,” said Pellegrino Matarazzo after the game clear words. “Probably it was too much respect, we were far too passive. As we defend the first corner and the goal – there are no excuses,” the VFB coach played on the amazingly large open spaces that the Hertha actors in had the initial minutes of the game.

“Not important how loud the boys are in the cabin”

Der besondere Weg von VfB-Trainer Pellegrino Matarazzo | SWR Sport

It also looked like his captain: “We overslept the first half. We have to be there from the beginning, then something does not happen,” Waldemar Anton Handed at Sky. And Matarazzo laid according to: “It’s not important to me as we train during the week and how loud the guys are in the cabin. What counts is what’s in the course from the first minute. And there we were not there.”

The sports director also agreed with the general Swabian self-criticism. “If you see the first half, at least the first 30 minutes – we are not,” Sven Mislint said shaking his head. “From the 30th minute it was better, we found the right speech at the halftime. But the first half was not okay.”

mislintat: duels of the keys

The fact that the VFB remained without goal despite the increase in performance after the break, Matarazzo commented briefly and flush: as “not sharply enough, not precisely enough, not enough,” he designated the external offensive efforts, which culminated several times in quite weak degrees. “We lacked the last precision in the last third. The tactical was not the mistake, the robustness in the two fights was missing. They made the Berliner better,” said Anton.

So it’s ultimately also mislfactant: “We belong to the top three in the league in the league, but in the first 30 minutes not today. In the end, that’s the key.”

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