Elden Ring: Speedrunners continue their exploits, the 6 -minute bar crossed!

Why bother spending hundreds of hours on a game when you can see the credits after just a few minutes? It is the philosophy of speedrunners who keep exploding speed records on our favorite games. The title of the moment is obviously Elden Ring who is once again finished in record time.


358 seconds, zero limits

But where will the speedrunners be able to stop? Elden Ring , the most popular game of the moment, continues again and always to talk about him in the sphere of the discipline with a new record even more crazy than the previous ones. The followers of supersonic runs intend to exhaust the game to the marrow in order to leave their mark with an unbeatable record. After the 30 minute bar, the time needed to finish the game continued to plunge to finally turn around the six minutes. If this stopwatch is already an incredible performance in itself, it is far from the fastest satisfaction.

For a little while, the player distortion2 led the boat with his chronos. After crossing himself 30 minutes until descending under the 7 minute bar in Any% unrestricted (Category of Speedrun in which he is possible to exploit any system from the game to finish it), it ended up getting outdated by the French Seeker player for a record of 6 minutes 46 seconds. Today our frenchie returns to explode His previous run a few days after completing his first feat. His time? 5 minutes and 58 seconds, the last world record.

The Masters Runners of the Exploits

We already explained it to you previously, the main technique of Elden Ring runners is called the ZIP, a glitch method which allows you to teleport instantly in key places of the card by crossing the surfaces. As Seeker explains in the comments section of his video, the ZIP is particularly difficult to perform and consists in going forward while paring and walking simultaneously. It is also necessary to carry out this manipulation to the perfect_frame: the runner explains that to succeed in the movement, it is necessary to relax his parade forward after having triggered exactly 139 images before. You will understand it, The method used requires exceptional precision, but implies strong constraints.

To succeed in “zipper”, the runners frequently employ a metronome which allows them to count exactly the images already paraded. If Seeker uses the same process, it is clear in the above video that it is experiencing certain limits while our runner does not happen systematically to use the glitch. The perfect run has not yet been successful so far. There is no doubt that new challengers will try to seize the crown in turn.

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It’s not the Speed Run, it’s Glich and Bug exploit.

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