Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball and more arrive at the online switch

The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service expands. Not only will the DLC of Splatoon 2 today arrive today, but Three additional titles are already available in the application of Sega Genesis .

On this occasion we are talking about space Harrier II, Shining Force II, and _Seic The Hedgehog Spinball _ . The first of these is a sequel to one of the most iconic shooter of the console. The second is a tactical RPG that expands in all the sections of the first title. Finally, Seic The Hedgehog Spinball is Pinball, but with Sonic like the ball.

Little by little, this service is being filled with the best Games in Genesis, But there are still a couple of titles that need to be present . To the rhythm that Nintendo leads, we are likely to have to wait a lot for experiences such as Seic 3 to be available here.

Let's Play Sonic Spinball on Switch Online! + Shining Force II, Space Harrier II (Sega Genesis NSO)
In related issues, you can learn more about the arrival of the DLC of splatoon 2 here. Similarly, rumors point out that Mega Man games and more will arrive at this service.

Editor’s note:

Of this group, my favorite is shing force ii. Genesis is not so known for his RPG, since SquareSoft was with Nintendo. However, this means that each game of this genre in this console is very worthwhile.

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