Lost Ark: Guide to the Pistolenslanzer – so you play the class with the greatest protection


  • Solid defense
  • Popular in groups


The Pistolenslanzer, in English Weapon Lancer, is a subdivision of the warrior. With its strong protection, it stops the most attacks that various other classes have to evade.

On the Pet List of Meinmmo is the handgun lanzer in the PVE in the S area. In the PVP, he is initially component of the B-animal, with greater PVP ranking he slides right into the A location. He is well matched for PVE as well as PVP.

In Lost Ark, there is no Holy Trinity, groups are not split into other games, in Container, dd and also support. You can not play the Pistolenslanzer as genuine container. Nevertheless, you believe a lot as well as can secure your team members as well as make them inefficient with a mock-skill strike of the opponent.

  • Extremely slowly
  • Departs the only class in reverse

His skills are divided right into blue and also red. The reds are attacks with its pistol lance, with heaven to normal attacks with the shield, buffs and also debuffs.

Lost Ark does not supply a correct tank feature, there is a tank anyway. The Pistolenslanzer is unbreakable as well as provides its team members security under his sign. MeinmMo writer Anny Bader looked closer to him and also describe to you what matters.

That’s exactly how the handgun lanter plays

If your Y is pushing Y, you will get a strong shield. You can not be tossed back in it, rarely hurt, yet be 50% slower.

This is the special capacity of the Pistolenslanzer: In the battle, his identity indication lots in the lower facility of the display. You can utilize this power in 2 different species.

If your X presses, your entire team obtains a shield in a particular radius, which redirects their damage to you. Furthermore, your protection enhances. This likewise addresses damage to the challenger.

All capacities of the pistolenlanzer

_ Regular attacks (blue) _

Shield shield : hit with the shield. Dual functional.

Schildansturm : Storms with your shield forward.

Schmeten : Stuns challengers 3 seconds. Kontakter strike.

Nellasias Energie : All team members within 24 meters suffer 10% much less damage.

Shield shock : hit the opponent with the shield and decrease its speed of motion for 4 seconds by 40%.

Hookenette : Take challengers to you as well as include damage.

Call of Hasses : Mock, the attacks of challengers standing near you, inadequate.

Dive strike : Jump 9 meters on the target area and hit the flooring.

Lightning of the guard : Flash from the skies, the challenger causes electric shock for 3 secs.

_ Lance attacks (red) _

Gun lance shot: Shock strike that charges the lance and finally fires an explosive.

Sharp gun lance : press the spear ahead.

Fire sphere : Fire on your challengers.

billed sting : Focussing energy and press your spear ahead.

Sprinting high shot: strike to opponents while you progress. Press once more to terminate a grenade. Kontakter attack.

Vacant weapon lance : Place the spear right into the ground, slings challengers right into the air.

Cannon break out : Compress energy and after that strike your challenger that is pressed back. High stumble.

Konter rifle lance : Wehrke attacks and then lead a counterattack.

The Pistolenslanzer in the Level Process

Until Level 50: Last, you place your points on dive assault.

Until Level 25: 20 factors standing by of disgust.

When distributing the points is that you never ever have to bring the skill degrees higher than on level 10, essential. Skill Level 4 is made use of for the initial tripod, Skill Level 7 for the 2nd as well as skill level 10 for the third.

Up until Level 42: Now there are more points on sharp gun lance, a total of 48.

Up until Level 35: 48 points on billed sting.

Up until Level 47: An overall of 48 points on fireball.

Till Level 21: 48 factors on the lash of the guardian for AOE damage.

Level 12: First, you disperse 4 points on fire ball as well as sharp gun lance.

The most effective construct in the endgame

In the endgame, just like many various other classes, you pick in between two class inscriptions. You determine in between the red and heaven skills.

Course engraving A: Soloritter

Ultimately, the Soloritter straightens more damage because of crit and focus on red abilities, however likewise endures even more damage. However, he stays durable as well as quits greater than many various other courses, yet can complete as a DPS course.

What makes the inscription? As a Soloritter you focus on the red skills that you execute with the handgun lance.

If you want more critish in your develop, you are on adrenaline as well as later, when your crit is really high, on a plain weapon.

Heaven skills are retained, however you can no much longer make use of the combat zone shield of your identification capability that you can previously placed by X. There is no shield for the entire team. Your energy is used two times as rapid as previously when you make use of the shield to Y.

Which engravings do I make use of? Along with the class inscription, you must place on very cost because you have long Coldown as a pistol lanter. Master bat is also worthwhile, as you get back at extra damage with frontal attacks with the inscription.

Ideal is the set of redemption light, which consists of uncommon cards. With a 6-pack with 30-piece awakening, the cards bring 8% more divine damage and transform all your damage right into holy damage.

Which trading cards are necessary? Just like nearly all Damage dealerships in Lost Ark, you initially established the accumulating cards to the collection of shouting rocks to enhance your doubter rate. It includes Armel, Seria, Solas, King Thirain, Kharmine and also DeLain Armel.

At the statistics, you establish to Krit and Flinkness, with Krit more crucial.

The positioning in the fight is essential. Many of your red attacks line up even more damage from the front, which is why you need to run as numerous frontal attacks as possible.

Which abilities do I utilize?

What appears like the rotation? You start with smearbers to buff your challengers as well as buffer them with the Tripod “Attack”.

As an awakening, your protection of the guard capitalizes.

Problem cannon outbreak, sprinkling high shot, fire round as well as billed sting.

After 10 secs, Schnetten is recharged and your turning can start from scrape.

Course inscribing B: battle preparedness

What makes the engraving? With the class engraving fight preparedness, you place on the blue abilities of the Pistolenslanzer and also have the greatest protection of all classes in Lost Ark

The develop is terrific for counterattacks of managers, which ends up being an increasing number of important in the endgame. Just how specifically functions you can read in our guide.


Stabilized damage is additionally worthwhile. This makes more harm if your TP is over 80%.

At the statistics, you are specializing in field of expertise and also critish, where specialization is more crucial to quickly bill your shield and use it for a lengthy time.

After that you can select between masters of the shot, misabitude, adrenaline as well as awakening.

Which inscriptions do I utilize? In addition, you choose the battle inscribing barricade.

Which trading cards are necessary?

When stiring up uses your security of the guard.

For as much DPS as feasible, you use shattering, lightning the waxes, shield tower, shield tower as well as dive attack.

Do you see him as a storage tank or rather as an unbreakable damage supplier? Have you decided for the Soloritter or have your fight readiness chosen as class engraving?

What does the rotation resemble? You begin the battle with spraying high shot.

It is likewise ideal right here the collection of salvation light, which includes rare cards. Therefore, it will certainly be pricey later, but worth it.
Which abilities do I make use of?

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The accumulating cards do not vary from the various other course inscription. To better raise your critrates, you ought to begin at the start of the card set Howling Rocks. It is composed of Armel, Seria, Solas, King Thirain, Kharmine and also DeLain Armel.

You do not need to evade, yet just fell the attacks and also spammt heaven attacks.

Much more guides right here: Lost Ark Guides: All suggestions, tricks and also constructs in the introduction

Dashing high shot: strike to opponents while you relocate ahead. As a Soloritter you concentrate on the red skills that you carry out with the pistol lance. Which inscriptions do I make use of? As with nearly all Damage dealerships in Lost Ark, you first established the gathering cards to the collection of growling rocks to increase your doubter price. With the class inscription fight readiness, you put on the blue skills of the Pistolenslanzer and also have the strongest defense of all classes in Lost Ark


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