All Arcs of Demon Slayer in order

Sometimes, the order of anime arches can be a bit confusing, which makes you wonder when certain episodes take place and what a history they were part of. And although Demon Slayer is more linear than others, it’s still good to know the order, especially when it comes to finding out how much remains to be adapted. Here is all you need to know about All Arches Demon Slayer, in order.

All arches of Demon Slayer in order

  • Final selection arc (EP. 1-5)

  • Arch of the swamp of the kidnapper (EP 6-7)
  • Arc de Asakusa (Ep.8-10)
  • Arc de la Mansion Tsuzumi (Ep.11-14)
  • Arch of Mount Natagumo (EP. 15-21)
  • Rehabilitation training arc (EP. 22-26)
  • Bow of the Mugen train (Ep. 27-34)
  • Arch of the entertainment district (Ep.34-44)
  • Arch of the village of the smiths of swords (TBA)

Only two arches remain after the next arc of Swordsmith Village that remain for adapting the original material. While it is possible that filling can be added, it is not likely, since until now we have not seen any significant change with respect to the material of origin in the anime.

Be careful, there are small spoilers below only in the titles of the manga chapters, so look at your own risk.

Non-adapted sleeve chapters (light spoilers)

10. Hashira Training Arch

eleven. Final Battle Arch

  • 11.1 Arch of the infinite castle
  • 11.2 Arc of the countdown of dawn

That’s all you need to know about All Arcs of Demon Slayer in order. If you are still looking for more information about the game, be sure to check the rest of the Demon to see the rest of our guides, which have many tips, tricks and frequently asked questions.

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