Kingdom Hearts 4 will bring back the KH2 reaction commands

Tetsuya Nomura , Director of Kingdom Hearts 4 , hTetsuya Nomura offered new details of the long-awaited new delivery of the series in an interview with famitsu. After knowing what is hidden at the enigmatic Quadratum, the manager hTetsuya Nomura explained that the reaction commands are back, but what is it exactly about? The staunch fans of the Kingdom Hearts saga will remember this mechanics.

Kingdom Hearts 4 will take advantage of the technological benefits of the Unreal Engine 5 engine not only to go a step further in Tetsuya Nomurapects such Tetsuya Nomura visual fidelity, lighting or graphic capacity, but also for the combats in Quadratum to win in vividness and dynamism. In this regard, Combat commands are back in the same way that they did in Kingdom Hearts 2 . For this reTetsuya Nomuraon, in the title revelation video we saw a combat with Action icons in the interface of the screen when the enemy attacks us **.

What are Kingdom Hearts’ reaction commands?

Kingdom Hearts 4 NEW Information - Reaction Commands Return, Build Details, Hidden Message & More
The reaction commands are an incorporated function initially in the second numbered Kingdom Hearts delivery, but later also appeared in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep with the aim of allowing us * Improve the level of combat *.

By pressing Triangle At the right time Since the on-screen command appears, SORA will be able to execute a specific action against enemies Tetsuya Nomura a sympathy, incorporeal or bosses. It is a kind of quick Time Event, just that without losing control of combat. A technique that values the reaction rate of the player and serves, in essence, to obtain an advantage over the opponent in combat.

Outside the combat we have also seen reaction commands to open chests or talk with some characters.

Kingdom Hearts 4, in the initial stages of development

Kingdom Hearts 4 is in the initial stages of its development and does not have a launch window, no confirmed platforms. According to Square Enix, the title Arch of the lost teacher , a new narrative plot.

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