Insider Share Possible Launch Date of the Family Plan for Game Pass

Some time ago a report arose where it was pointed out that Xbox Game Pass would have a family plan in the future. Outside this statement, more information has been known about it. Now, recently, an insider has shared more details on the date on which this new plan would be available.

According to Brad Sams, an insider that talks about everything related to Microsoft, Xbox’s family plan would be available during the autumn season this year . Unfortunately, at the moment there is no more information about a more specific date, even realizing that this could change in the future. This was what he commented:

“The family plan, the last thing I heard, was destined for a launch in autumn, around this year’s holiday. Keep in mind that things change. Many things are in moving time lines. That was the initial goal. “

Although at the moment we lack an official confirmation, or rumors that speak in detail about the price and the date of launch, these new statements support the existence of the family plan of Xbox Game Pass. Now we can only wait to listen Something more concrete.

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Editor’s note:

Xbox Game Pass Family Plan is Coming!

A family plan is something that could well be a reality, and it would be focused mainly on preserving the users it has, rather than these believe more and more accounts to take advantage of the offers of this service.

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