WhatsApp Update: New feature offers users big improvement

For the year 2022, many new WhatsApp functions are announced. Especially an improved emoji function for many users of interest.

Dortmund – Various new WhatsApp functions are announced for the year 2022 *. In addition to new playback options for voice messages, the improved emoji function is of particular interest to many users.

WhatsApp: Update improves emoji function considerably

Currently, WhatsApp * tests intensively the so-called news reactions, as Wabetainfo reported. The reactions are available at competitor Telegram * for a while. Now it should not take a long time with WhatsApp until a new feature arrives at all users of the messenger.

If you do not want to answer messages with a text, but alone with an emoji, you will soon call the desired Emoji no longer tap into the text box, but can rely on the message directly to the entire “palette” at Emojis by tapping the message. So it is possible for users to provide a message directly with an emoji. Also on Facebook this is already possible (more digital news at emoji).

WhatsApp: Reactions come for chat news – users can look forward to that

Six Emojis are loud Wabetainfo to choose from, which can be found in response to a message. In addition to a thumb up as an emoji reaction for “Like” there is a heart, a laughing, sad and surprised emoji as well as the folded hands that signal a “thank you”.

The selection should probably be much more extensive. To the right of the six Emojis a plus icon will soon appear. Through a tap user then probably gives an extended Emoji overview, from which then can be selected. Whether it is all the Emoji’s, initially unclear, reported Merkur.de. *

WhatsApp Reaktion Feature | New WhatsApp Reaction Update 2022

Also new on WhatsApp: Six playback functions for voice messages

One of the last announced updates at WhatsApp has recently already available. WhatsApp now offers six new listening features for voice messages. * Fans of voice messages are thus at their expense. Messages can now be intercepted outside the chat window, and the playback can be stopped.

WhatsApp also offers a visualization of the news in waveform – too much benefit is not visible in this feature, but at least: something new. All the more useful, the new playback option is written messages before sending.

WhatsApp: New updates 2022 – Response and voice messages

Also, that received messages are pausing and later can be practiced from the paused body, (especially given the novels, some users want to guide their environment) practically. Time-saving is also the new way to listen to forwarded voice messages at double speed.

Incidentally, a changed legislation in Germany could also make WhatsApp soon to some changes: users should be able to communicate with the users of other chat services easier . _ Merkur.de is Wieemoji part of the editorial network of ips.media_

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