Tips & Tricks: Hidden in WhatsApp: You should know these practical functions

WhatsApp is updated via updates regularly and so repeatedly supplements new features. We have sought some features that certainly not yet knows every user of the messenger: from a start-stop function for voice messages about subsequent deletion of sent messages and images to the possibility to create GIFs in wind parts from their own videos.

The introduced tricks are exciting for both Android and iOS users of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp voice messages: The start-stop feature

If you like to send longer language messages on WhatsApp, then the eternal button pushes very much. WhatsApp reacted here and installed a start-stop function. When starting the voice message, wipe upwards, you can fix the microph1. Now you can take your finger away and last only click once to send your voice message.

Delete sent WhatsApp messages later

If you have sent a text, a picture, a video or something else in WhatsApp, you prefer to take back quickly, then you can do that now. You must simply select and delete the sent one with a long click. The recipient then only sees the info: “This message has been deleted”. However, if the recipient has already read the message, the video or photo has already downloaded, you can not change anything.

WhatsApp features for groups

Also for groups you can make a variety of settings. In the menu of the group – in the chat above, click on the name – you have the item “Group Settings”. There you can now set who can edit the image and the group info, you can upgrade to Admins and get members and even specify that only admins will write messages.

Reply directly to messages and special writing styles

Especially in groups in which a lot is written, this function is very practical. You can, you want to concretely comment on a specific message, select it and answer it. Wipe over the desired message to the right, this opens above the text box and you can write a comment.

No new feature but many still unknown is the function fat, italics or crumbled to write. You can either set in front of and behind a fat text * asterisk *, for kursive texts interstriche and for crossed-out messages ~ tilden ~. Alternatively, you can also select the message and select the desired formation under the three points on Android or under the arrow at IOS.

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Broadcast messages, texts Save separately and mark chats as unread

If you want to send your own message to multiple contacts without having to access the group function, you can now create broadcasts. In the menu under “New Broadcast”, select the desired contacts and send your message individually to the recipients. Specific texts can be saved with the asterisk function extra. You have to click the desired message for a long time until this is colored. At the top you can see the star in the options. Click on it, this message is stored in the menu under “Marked” with star.

For a message you have already read, but you do not want to reply in a while, you can not mark the chat as unread. Stay with your finger longer on the chat, the menu opens. Among the three points you will find the function “Mark as unread”. Now the chat, a green point on the right edge and appears as unread.

Create ## Gifs and find Emojis faster

Especially short videos are usually better than Gifs; Yet you save a little data volume. Choose the camera icon and get started on it. Before sending, you can now select the GIF symbol at the top right and WhatsApp automatically converts your creation to a GIF running in continuous loop.

The WhatsApp Emoji search is above all practical if you want to send a very special, but this partout can not find. At the bottom left of the Emoji menu you will find a magnifying glass, where you can now find funds to find the appropriate smilie. The same applies to preinstalled GIFs.

Desktop version of WhatsApp

You can also use WhatsApp as a desktop tool on your computer. Download WhatsApp for the PC and connect your smartphone to the program. Now you can use the chat program stationary as on your mobile device. Only condition: Your mobile must be turned on and connected to the Internet.

Extra : The web app warns you if the battery is weak on your smartphone.

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