VFL Bochum: Thomas Rice praises Freiburg in front of third duels

Newcomer VfL Bochum wants to know in front of the duel on Saturday (15:30 clock / sky) at the SC Freiburg nothing from the topic of league.

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“I still do not want to think about whether we can celebrate after this weekend or not,” said coach Thomas Rice at the press conference on Thursday.

He and the team “only focus on this game on Saturday. Do we get there three points, you can still look at the other games and competitors,” said the coach: “The topic of league is made by the outside of course.” With currently 36 points after 29 games, the Westphalia are as good as well as saved.

However, the respect for the Breisgauer of Trainer Christian Streich is huge: “The madness, what Christian Streich and his team afford again.”

Rice emphasized that he knew exactly “what to come to us. In the league, Freiburg had more of the game, in the cup we were actually closer to it. But then, however, the most inferior team won.”

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