[Iguazung] Saudi Princes Harbor Shopping Sensation

From last year, Saudi Foot Oil Money has been introduced to the global major game. Public Investment Fund (PIF), a local fund, a local fund, which is established by the main game shares such as EA, Taketh, Blizzard, and the PIF of the Local Fund (PIF). And recently, in the domestic game system, the smell of oil was slowly spread.

The start was a COSDAQ listed SNK acquisition. As SNK is incorporated into the private subsidiary of the PIF founder, it is entering the abolition of built-in listing. The next was NCsoft. PIF has been purchased from February to NCsoft’s shareholders, and present two shareholders. I have reached a hand on Nexon, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange this week. From January to April this year, I steadily purchased Nexon stocks, and as with NCsoft, with two major shareholders. PIF is the two shareholders of two companies in 3n.

Global investors over 600 assets are not a bad sign to see this interest in domestic game companies. If you can enter this investment, you will be emerging markets to replace China if you can enter the Middle East market. But you need to be careful. Saudi capital may affect domestic game management rights, and if the market fails to enter the market, it can eventually remain in the end of the end of the event. In fact, the first time Tencent was in the mid-2010, it was similar to the first time when he was aggressive investment in the domestic game.

The reaction of the netizens for this news is also half of the half. “If the oil money is involved in operations, the billing is changing,” The oil money is good, “It is good to come in,” If you affect your management rights, “”, “I already have two companies, is not it?” It is the opinion of the back. One user said, “I do not know if it is a simple water, but I need to be careful because the investment intention is not clear,” he said.

Large-scale overseas capital inflows are definitely heading. The possibility of the growth potential of Korean games is as high as the world’s highest rating. However, the purpose of the purchase is to kill and keep a little more breath in the present situation. I mean, I would like to leave only the head.

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