All we know about Apex Legends Unshackled Event

Apex Legends brought another content update, Unshackled Event, with new weekly tests unlocked with cosmetics and returnable limited time mode. The event is scheduled for April 19 and will be completed by the current 12th season. That’s all that comes with the upcoming release of content in Apex Legends.

Liberated sets and cosmetics

Apex Legends Unshackled Event
Like any other limited duration event, the UnshackLED event adds a variety of cosmetic items for various characters and weapons. Players can unlock a total of 40 cosmetic items dedicated to an event using exclusive Apex sets or APEX coins.

These items will be included in the standard APEX sets after the event is completed. In addition, exclusive end items can be created using craft metal in the setup menu. Here are some of the main items that will appear in the UnshackLED event:

  • Machine language – Crypto Skin
  • Bad Bot – Skin Tracks
  • Quantum collision – Ghost appearance
  • Salk – Skin Valkyrie
  • Prison nipple – Count CAR
  • Destroyed – Chemlock skin
  • Little grave – Peacemaker skin
  • Pyromania – Skin Rioles

Time ignition

Flashpoint game mode is returned with the Unshackled Event event. In this mode, there are several ignition zones that automatically restore your health band and shield over time, which makes the need for attending outdated items.

Freed flash events and tests

Players can pass two unique weekly test routes to unlock cosmetic items for their legends and weapons. Some of the main awards during UnshackLED EVENT include the following:

  • April 19 to April 26 : Unique icon, epic charm, epic skin Re-45, Epic Skin Providant.
  • from April 26 to May 3 : Unique Icon, Rare Apex Set, Epic Boxing Nessie Votes, UnshackLED

update to thematic tabs

The “Thematic Event” tab on the Apex Legends menu screen has been adjusted. Although this supplement is insignificant, the developers believe that this change will help “better demonstrate a new content and simplify reading and navigating the menu.”

Stay with us in games manuals for professionals to learn more about Apex Legends. In the meantime, read our UnshackLED event article, which returns in Apex Legends Limited time Flashpoint mode (LTM).

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