Joining Cacao Games on the Womens Governance Partner.

The governance partner of the game platform, which is developed and operated by Wemoid (Representative Jang Hyun Buk), has joined the governance partners of the Games (Representative Cho Gyeon) as a governance partner.

2021 Partnership Meeting: Empowering Women in Cocoa
The Wambus plans to expand the governance partner in earnest as the joining of this Cacao Games.

In addition, the wemade also participated in the governance counsel of the ecosystem of Cacao Games.

Look at the Lake Look, Bura 2.0 Partners Day, has released a future roadmap and partner.

Wrauid is based on a block chain based on a blockchain platform, NFT, and a block chain, such as a block chain, and the self-published Wi-Mix, which has been published in October 2010, It is listed on a number of overseas major exchanges.

Based on this, the two companies participate in mutual governance and expand their ecosystem.

Lee Made Lee, Jang Hyun, said, “A variety of chains will eventually be linked on the” Interoperability of the block chain “and said,” We will have the best effort to expand the Wi-Mix ecosystem and become a dominant block chain. “.

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