Two persons at the goal post costs the Eintracht 7500 Euro

At the 1: 2 against the SC Freiburg, two activists came to the interior and “chain” in Frankfurt in the interior and “chain” with cable ties on the goalpost of the Kevin Trapp housing. This ensured an interruption of three to four minutes. The penalty measurement guide in the legal and rules of procedure of the DFB provides for a fine of 3000 euros per person in the event of a non-sufficient regulation service and penetration of the field. Because of a briefing of one to five minutes, there is also a 50% surcharge. It is therefore to be expected that Eintracht will take the causes for the expected penalty over 7500 euros in regress.

The DFB detention catalog provides for comparable cases in the 2nd league 2000 euros and in the 3rd league 1000 euros per person. The revenue flows to DFB foundations and projects. Because of the audience restrictions, the sums had dropped dramatically over the past two years.

Pyrotechnics: throw more expensive than burning

Also for the ignition of pyrotechnic objects, as happened in many places on the weekend, the rated guideline gives precise amounts. The burning down costs 1000/600/350 euros depending on league, shooting or even throw 3000/1500/750 euros, whereby larger sums of some sites will be increased.

It is open as in the case of a possible opportunity of Frankfurt Martin Hinteregger. This had in the 73rd Minute Freiburg Philipp Lienhart after a scramble between the two with a wiper with his hand headed towards the face. The interpretive attempts of action range from one break to a baking whistle. Whether the TV images justify a preliminary investigation, the DFB control committee has not yet decided. Only at Krass Sportsworthy Behavior can the sports facility can be active in the departure.

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