Power stools for the balcony: how useful are small solar systems?

Plug in and already flows the stream: Solar power systems for balconies, the garden hut, carport and house and garage walls can be used. Such compact photovoltaic systems with mandrels for ordinary sockets are not only for homeowners the first step towards their own electricity production, but also for tenants.

“The charm of these devices is that they are uncomplicated to set up and operate from lay people,” says Martin Brandis, energy consultant of the Consumer Central Association. For this purpose, the supplied descriptions of the manufacturers, the support provided by a specialist company is usually not required.

How do the systems work?

Essential element of these solar systems from the rod are one or two panels that together generate a performance of the highest 600 watts. Due to solar radiation, direct current is generated, which is then converted to mains current in the device. And that goes over an ordinary Schuko plug into the domestic power grid.

For safety, you should make sure that the chosen model can actually be connected to usual house sockets. Otherwise, an overload and the worst case threatens a fire. There are also models that provide a special energy slice.

The big advantage: The pans are not only quickly installable via the sockets, they can also be reduced quickly and you can take them. And therefore, they are as suitable for tenants as for homeowners and homeowners.

Are there any special conditions for tenants?

You should ask the homeowner after its consent, Law’s Julia Wagner recommends the owner association Haus & Amp; Grund Germany. Because this is responsible for the fact that his property bears this system safe and neighbors are not impaired by glare or shading.

Where can I hang these photovoltaic systems?

The facilities need an area on or on the building, such as a balcony. “In order to optimally use the solar radiation there, the panels should be aligned south,” advises energy expert Brandis. For a maximum power efficiency, the inclination of the solar modules also plays a role. “Between 20 and 30 degrees inclination are optimal.”

Minor deviations from these specifications, for example because you crazy the systems crazy to avoid the shadow of neighboring buildings or trees, but are not big in weight. Even a vertical mounting on the façade is possible.

What costs the plants?

Small apartment balcony solar power setup (part 1)
Between 400 and 800 euros cost the equipment designated as a balcony power plant, depending on the equipment. “She’s being expelled mainly through online shops, in construction or home improvement markets you can see it rarely,” says Martin Brandis.

Extra costs can arise, for example if there is no Schuko socket nearby or if the selected models require special energy cuts. Where they are missing, they must be set and connected by a specialist company.

In addition, the network operators expect a two-direction electricity meter, so that the solar power, which is not consumed directly in the household, can be forwarded to the general power grid. The acquisition and installation costs of these devices bear the network operators, but for the end consumers, however, a monthly or annual rent for the counter is due.

Good to know: The systems are largely maintenance-free and designed for a good 20-year term.

How much electricity can I produce with it?

“A solar plug system generates on average of up to 600 kilowatt hours (kWh) electricity a year,” says Bernhard Weyres-Borchert by the German Society for Solar Energy (DGS). “It should be noted that the yield may also be significantly lower depending on the location and local conditions.”

With an annual power consumption of average about 1200 kilowatt hours (kWh) per person, the potential is therefore manageable. In addition, the system produces the majority of the electricity of solar energy in the summer, while the yield is likely to remain low in winter.

Wear the equipment for the energy transition?

Every bit of electricity from sustainable energies does. Even though experts like Martin Brandis and Bernhard Weeyres-Borchert say the great time of the plug solar equipment from the pole comes first. “In the energy transition, these concepts do not play a big role. With a larger distribution, especially in densely populated metropolitan areas with many rental apartments, but could increase their meaning, “said Brandis.

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