Timon Janssen: After every tripack of three a box is due

_ They were the most successful scorer in the past month nationwide. What does that mean, Mr. Janssen? _

Timon Janssen: This has a great importance for me, especially because I did not play in the storm until two years ago, but was used for a long time as the central defense or defensive midfielder. It is all the more valuable for me now this award, with which I did not expect at all. It is a nice confirmation that I make my job quite reasonable.

_ Do you have to jump a round for the team? _

Janssen: Unfortunately often. _ (laughs) _ After each tripack a box is due. There are still some open liters on my lid. This can be pretty expensive when it goes on. But the boys have earned that, if they serve me so well with templates.

_ Was it an extraordinary month for you or is such a goal quota for you almost normal? _

Janssen: On average, to achieve four goals per game, is definitely exceptional in the district league C, especially since I do not shoot a penalty.

_ Highlight were your nine hits at 13: 4 against undertaking DJK SG more / Niel / Wyler / Cymproof II. Was that a personal record? _

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Janssen: Yes, definitely. I would never expect that one day could succeed me. If someone would have someone prophesied two years ago, I would probably have declared crazy. _ (laughs) _

_ In addition, a five-patch at 6: 1 against the DJK Rhenania Kleve and twice a gate at 3: 4 against F.C. Concordia 1919 Goch II and at 1: 1 against the first team of DJK SG more / Niel / Wyler / becomes easy. Which hits will you be remembered especially? _

Janssen: Especially a hat trick was more than three minutes against the DJK SG more / Niel / Wyler / Acquisite II. That such a thing is possible at all, I would not have believed myself. On this day I was just freezing cold in front of the gate, practically every shot was a hit. Insanity!

_ Overall, after 17 league games, 46 seasonal desks are available. Satisfied?_

Janssen: even very satisfied, even if I have to admit that I have also left one or the other good scoring chance. But as already said: I am my teammates who support me excellently, very grateful. Without the boys, such a goal quota would not be possible. We are also a great a great team, not only team colleagues, but also real friends.

_ In the nationwide rating to the scorer canoe for all, they currently prove the sixth place in the 10th League. Do you expect opportunities on the title? _

Janssen: First of all, I have to say that I have only looked at the statistics for the first time after my 16 goals in March. Only then did I make a big leap forward. The distance to the leading Aleksandar Stoilov, who has already achieved 67 hits, is still very big. I have to be realistic. My personal goal is now to defend my place in the “top ten”. If that should succeed me, it would be a giant matter.

Hattrick in three minutes: “That something is possible, I would not have believed myself.” VFR black and white Warbeyen 1945

_ How do you find it in principle that the trade magazine DJK and Fussball.de in cooperation with Volkswagen to the lowest amateur playclasses gate-averages awarded scientists? _

Janssen: This is a very, very good thing for the amateur football. That not only Robert Lewandowski gets a goalkeeper cannon, but also players from the 10th or 11th League are excellent, I find great. This nationwide comparison exercises a huge charm to get even more pure and to give everything in every game from the first to the last minute.

_ In the Kreisliga C Kleve funds, the residue of VFR Warbeyen is already twelve points on the undefeated leader SV Siegfried Materborn II, but fewer. Is the climb, or is there anything else? _

Janssen: Of course we will continue to try to win as every game as possible. Still to climb one place, but will definitely be very difficult. In any case, we will give everything to decide the second leg against Materborn for us and to bring the leaders to the first defeat.

_ Would you like to play one or the other league higher? _

Janssen: In the youth I played for the 1st FC Kleve in the circular power class, since we also had some comparisons with teams from the Lower Rhine League. That was already fun, even if I was still defensive player – as I said. Since I will conclude my training as a car clerk in May, I can imagine to attack once again.

_ 46 goals in 17 games awaken desires, or? _

Janssen: Two district divisions have contacted me. Let’s see if there is something. But I can also imagine very well, continue to play for the VFR Warbeyen.

_ While the men’s team of the association in the 10th League is on goalkeeping, the women’s team of VFR Warbeyen kicks in the third-class Regionalliga West and has the best prospects to create the class blast. This clarifies the balance of power within the association, right? _

Janssen: The strong gender with us in the club are definitely the girls. _ (laughs) _ that a small club like the VFR represents such a good and successful women’s team is something very special. Not only in our circle are the “fighter hearts”, as our girls call themselves, well known.

_ What is the exchange between the teams? _

Janssen: very good. We are at home on the same facility, support us each other. There were already some common events as well as one or the other party.

_ And how would a sporty comparison fail? _

Janssen: That would indeed be very interesting, maybe we should try. _ (laughs) _ But I’m afraid the girls would not only consider us technically clear. The team really plays a very good football. We would hardly have a chance.

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