Free on Steam: Snap an MMO with top

The MMO Black Desert is one of the games that can float with a great graphic. If you like you, you can secure the game for free – but only for a short time.

Black Desert: for a short time free

On Steam you can regularly save through fat discounts and then there is also a game for free. This time Valves online shop give away the MMO Black Desert . The game convinces with a top graphic and is not even connected to a monthly subscription. The game is a classic buy-to-play game. If you want it, you can acquire various equipment and items.

You can even secure a few, because in addition to the basic game you can take a free gift packet at Steam . This includes different objects:

  • 1 x shiny set classic of memories
  • 1 x blessing of the Kamasilve (7 days)
  • 1 x inventory extension +8
  • 5 x scroll: Combat & Talent EP 300% (60 min.)
  • 1 x Council of Valks (+60)

If you want to secure the game as well as the gift pack, you have until April 13, 2022 at 19 clock time . Thereafter, the game costs at Steam again 9.99 euros.

Black Desert for free at Steam dust

The game recently added a new playable class: _

Best Reviewed Free #MMO On Steam You Should Play With Friends

is black desert something for you?

With stable 73 points at Metacritic and many positive reviews at Steam, the MMO can obviously score. Players praise especially the great graphics , the versatile character editor and the well-balanced combat system. But there are also criticisms. (Sources: Metacritic / Steam)

From the comments can be read out that the game allows little interaction with other players, and the ways and tasks should be partially disproportionately long and far too extensive . Should you like to play with others and no fan of long ways, you should make a bow around the game. If you do not mind, Black Desert is definitely worth a try.

Black Desert for free at Steam dust

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