NBA News: Indiana Pacers want Malcolm Brogdon Trades

The Indiana Pacers apparently consider a trade from Malcolm Brogdon in Offseason. This is apparent from a report by Insider Marc Stein (Substack).

For Brogdon in Indiana may not be room anymore after the team was carried by Trade Tyrese Haliburton during the season and presented the key to open. Brogdon could not be married due to his contract in the current season, but that changes in the offseason.

Several rival teams, according to stone, calculate that the Pacers will try to give Brogdon now. The 29-year-old could do just 36 games due to injury due to injury, even in recent years, there were always problems.

However, his sporting achievements were mostly convincing (19 ppg, 6 APG in this season). Brogdon is still firm for three years under contract for 22.5 million dollars each.

Are the Pacers to the Westbrook customer?

An option, which is brought into play by stone in his newsletter, is a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers: These have already been interested in Buddy Hield in the past, a combination of Hield and Brodgon would be contractually fit to for that Russell Westbrook to Indiana to send.

However, since the Pacers would have no interest in Westbrook and probably buy them directly from his contract, such a scenario would hang on the question of what the Lakers could still be on draft compensation.

Pacers Could Offer Trade Package For Russell Westbrook

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Another Pacer, over which there were also several speculations in this season, is Myles Turner. At the center, the characters according to stone suggest more towards the contract extension than in the direction of Trade.

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