7th Generation Relocation 5i Upgraded with Korea Lenovo and Fever Management Technology

Korea Lenovo (Representative Kim Yoon-ho) launched a 7th generation ‘Legion 5i’ notebook that improved Cooling function. It is a model that is deducted prior to the launch of the 7th generation reforming line-proof on the first half of the year.

In celebration of the launch of the 7th Generation Relocation 5i, Lenovo proceeds at an open market and an open market, such as 11thgar, Jimanec, Wimf, SSG.com, and online shopping malls. From April 8 to April 30, we provide Lenovo Backpack and Lenovo Gaming Mouse for customers who purchased the product.

The second 7th generation restrictions 5I boasts a sophisticated design with the changed regional logo. The latest Intel 12th generation processor and the maximum NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card are mounted, and the game is also possible to play comfortably. In addition, Lenovo raised performance by significantly improving the cooling function of the 7th generation product. Region 5I Reorganization Cold Front 4.0 (Legion ColdFront 4.0) Cooling technology applies to 140% and more powerful fan systems through a fan system effectively manages fever. By expanding the heat outlet area by 45%, the air flow function was improved, and the fan blade was reduced by 40% and the noise was reduced.

Region 5i mounts the intelligent smart function of Lenovo and meets the needs of gamers. The Lenovo Region AI engine (Legion Ai Engine) automatically detects the AAA class game to optimize the system. Upgraded Lenovo ‘Q Control 5.0 (Q-CONTROL 5.0)’, depending on the system environment, you can set the performance of your notebook to suit your taste by setting the performance of the notebook.

Unboxing and Set up Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 5i | Intel Core i7

Battery performance has been improved. Up to 80WHR high-capacity batteries were mounted, and super rapid charge functionality can be capable of up to 80% high speed in 30 minutes. Here is a lightweight USB C type port charger to lower the charger carrying on the charger.

The 7th Generation Regulation 5i is a premium care service of Lenovo for a year. A 24-hour professional engineer is provided with a service that contains the corresponding technical support, including the corresponding technical support, including a hardware failure. In addition, accidental damage guarantee (ADP) service benefits that are free of charge repair product breakage due to customer fruit (ADP) service benefits for one year.

In addition, Lenovo alone is a ‘PC Game Pass’, a PC Game Pass (PC Game Pass), which is a game subscription service for Microsoft (MS). The PC Games Pass applies to Microsoft’s game subscription service for more than 100 high-end games to Microsoft’s game subscription service.

Region 5I Pro, Region 7i, etc., including the 7th, Lenovo’s heat management technology is intensive to provide gaming experience and smart entertainment experience with gamers to gamers with a more gracious performance.

Korea Lenovo Kim Yun Ho, said, “Last year, the 6th generation of Last year led a gaming PC market with a unique TGP value. The 7th generation of Region released this time has upgraded overall gaming performance with Intel’s latest 12th generation processor and more enhanced heat control technology” “We plan to offer the best gaming experience to gamers through the launch of the Lenovo in the first half of the 7th generation of Re-Preservatives, and the Lenovo for the future. I would continue to try. “

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