Domestic deck construction game “Super Ballet Break” announced. Turn the deck with a unique girl character

Publisher’s PQUBE announced a deck construction type strategy game “Super Ballet Blake “. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 and will be delivered within 2022. In the game, it corresponds to Japanese voice and subtitles.

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“Super Barrett Break” is a deck construction type strategy game with Rogue Like element, which is set to the world where the online multi-play game was taken by an unauthorized AI. Players will make full use of the girls’ characters called “Barrett”, salvation from the annihilation and further save the world.

In this work, we recorded seven types of online games = maps, which motifs game genres such as datem, rhythm game, dungeon crawler. We will proceed with the map while unfolding the enemy and the turn system. Barrett appears in more than 160 different characters. In addition to attack power and rareness respectively, it has unique active / passive skills. A deck is formed by such a baret, and it will be used for battle attacks and the like.

Also, players will choose and play one from three people of Akari, Hikaru and Sumire. It may be a hero character that handles the Barrett. The deck at the start of the game is determined by the selected character. In addition, the battle may be advantageous by the combination of play tiles, such as preference for stability, and a combination of technical combo, and these characters.

Maps are also present with the battle with enemies. In the shop, it seems that you can purchase items that exert a special effect on the battle. In addition, we will strengthen the deck while getting items from battle rewards and treasure boxes or scouting new barets.

BEXIDE, which develops this work, is a Japanese developer. It was also known as the development source of the series series, and it was also participating in the production of “Toro and puzzle-everywhere” that was once mobile developed. The company has released a work called “Barrett Break” as “Strategy Type Thread Shooting RPG” (currently terminated service). And last year, we were developing the console version of “Barrett Break” and was announced that it will be released in 2022 at the title “Super Ballet Break”. Apparently, it was partnered with PQUBE, adding a PC version and connected to this announcement.

“Super Ballet Break” is scheduled to be delivered within 2022 for PC (STeam) / Nintendo Switch / PS4.

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