Yeol Soft, Seoul National University,

[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] NCsoft (Representative Kim Taekjin) announced a new executive person who is the best research officer (CRO) to recruit the vice president of Vice President,

S. Korean President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol speaks at National Assembly Library, pays respects at...

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Human, etc., expanded human resource investment in next-generation advanced technology, and raise research and development (R & D) to the global level to explore mid- to long-term growth engines.

Now, CRO is a computer graphics and animation scholar that has been served as a professor of computer engineering from Seoul National University since 2003.

She announced the results of the world-class research in physical-based operation control, data-based motion learning and generation, and realistic human modeling field, and the Meeting of the Korean Computer Graphics Society, Siggraph Asia 2022 Technical Papers (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2022 Technical Papers) He was serious.

She recently conducted a research that actively utilizes AI technology such as deep learning and strengthening learning. In 2019, he announced the results of the world’s first deep learning technology to implement a research result of implementing the body of the human body.

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