Call of Duty: Modern war tests are now available in the game

Call of Duty: The Modern War The All New Training Trials are now available in the game. Infinity Ward has announced his arrival on his official Twitter account.

Players can participate in the tests to try to earn new experience points for their online profile and improve their level even quickly. However, if a player wants to access these tests, he will have to reach an officer grade in the game. Officer’s degree in Guerre modern It’s when players reach the maximum level on their online profile, which is level 55.

At level 55, instead of obtaining a prestigious emblem and starting to zero, players stay at age 55 and earn officers. At the end of each season in modern, the players retain their level online, but their officer grades are reset.

Infinity Ward has released a brief overview of how are the tests in Modern Warfare on their reddit page. To participate in the tests, players must earn tickets via their officer grade. Players who have already progressed in the ranking of the officers will receive tickets for everything that is already completed. Each trial is worth a ticket, which gives players three tests to earn points. Players will receive stars according to their performance.

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* 0 stars VALENT 0 XP
* 1 star, it’s 5,000 XP
* 2 stars are 7 500 XP
* 3 stars are 10,000 xp

The tests will be on a continuous rotation, so the players have a new arena to test their skills on a regular routine.

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