Cacao, internal capacity compliant and global assault … Write 300 billion for win-win

Cacao, which has reorganized management, has made growth in the domestic and foreign market.

It is a social and win-win contents, including establishing $ 300bn for five years for small acquirers and creators, and established creative support foundations. We also said the global market in the metabus, and it was said that the share of overseas sales in three years was expanded to 30%.

Cacao announced a plan on the 6th anniversary meeting at a reporter’s conference. The CAP, CAC, a co-CAC, a CAC (CAC) co-center chapter,

“The beads have to be stitched by the beads,” “said,” Kakao had several service infrastructure and users, but he lacked the role of thread and needle through it. “

Considering this part for two years of terms, it was said that the assets with cacao have been organized organically. “The Cacao,” he said, “I am aware that I am a Cacao representative,” I am going to be as heavily to think of the last quest (mission) of the job. ” did.

300 billion won for 5 years… New Year’s New Years

First, we grow with society. Hong Eat CaC Cancer ▲ Small Authority, Regional Partner (W11bn) ▲ Digital Content Creator (W55bn) ▲ Performing Arts Creator (15 billion won) ▲ Mobility platform worker (W50bn) ▲ Startup, social innovator (20 billion won) ▲ Community, I explained that we have built 300 billion won win-win funds by 2027 for digital abbreviation (60 billion won).

Hong CAC said, “I have been trying to listen to the tough points towards the cacao, and I have worked internally to make a win-win,” he said. He added, “It’s not a simple donation, but the Caca can help you to help.”

For a compreference, expand the project ‘Neighborhood’ project. Cacao tags, with 5 million virtual authorities, to easily connect with customers, role as a bridgehead. It is to support online communication system, store promotion, and regular recruitment, etc. other than offline transactions. Cacao Fei payment interlocking system will be available.

‘I will also run the’ Burn ‘program. By connecting the agricultural and water producers and consumers, Cacao is a local farm problem solver. Cacao has been sold in Cacao Mekus, a large amount of agricultural products that are expected to supply overtime since August last year. From this year, the region and the product width are widened than before.

The win-win member of the field is also new. Hong CAC Chapter “,” I have a variety of areas, “I have recommended a win-win committee, such as a virtual authority and creator than an integrated form,” “Cacao Mobility, Cacao Pay, has already organized, and Cacao Entertainment (Committee) was scheduled. “He said.

In addition, we will invest 10 billion won for the next five years to support the creator, and set the “Kakao Entertainment Creative Support Foundation (tentative). Creator psychological treatment, will support legal support for resolving copyright issues. We provide training services through industry-academia cooperation, and it is a policy to get to foster preliminary creators.

In order to build a sound creative ecosystem, it promised not only the content partner (CP), but the writers would be able to confirm the settlement in the first half to confirm the settlement history. Viewer End Advertising Revenue Allocation, such as revenue, etc.

“Overseas sales proportion, 30% zoom in 2025”

Cacao has also been speculating ‘Beyond Korea, Beyond Mobile’ strategy for global market preemption. Kim Sung Soo said, “We will increase its share of overseas sales to 30% in 30% in 3 years.”

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Based on the success know-how, the Japanese market is founded, the game, meta bus, replacement price (NFT), and the opportunity for the company, Cacao Enterers reach the world market, including the United States, ASEAN, China, and India, centered on webtoons and web novels. By 2024, the global trading solution increases, and the achievement of the North American trading liquid 500 billion won.

Global Synergy Task Force (TF) is also organized. It is a movement that it will help the cooperation system with the Cacao community content, infrastructure, and networks, such as infrastructure, and networks.

Kim Sung Soo Chairman said, “I have a lot to be equipped to go to a global company in the Internet led company,” based on overseas cases, to be a mature company to be a mature enterprise, and to be a mature company, I want to try it. “

Nam Gong Hun said, “I will show you the newly born,” Cacao, a global cacao, “said,” We will cooperate with Cacao Games, Cacao Brain, Cacao Enter, and provide metabus business synergy. “

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