Elden Ring Glitch makes annoying killed 11,000 damage per second

Of these, some big and strong Elden Ring bosses would like to cut off a slice: an inconspicuous type dog, on which we meet here and there in the Open World, can simply remove us with an attack just over 11,000 lifestyles per second. The attack is wrong, but that was probably not intended by the developer team.

Spoiler Warning: The article contains light spoilers to opponents and a video showing certain enemies.

Killer dog causes mistakes a lot of damage

That’s why it works: YES, DOGS IN SOULS GAMES – that’s a continuous theme. Actually, they belong to the not too strong opponents, on which we often meet. Due to their agility, however, they can quickly give us worse than we expect. However, the typical Souls dogs are nothing against the one type four-legged friend who encounters us in Elden Ring.

Overmighty attack: Have you been in the intermediate country for a while, so you’ll enjoy the killer dog sometimes too victim. Nasty bleeding dogs – mind you the little type – can quickly remove the complete life bar with an attack, even if this is quite long.

ZülliThewitch, according to own information “Dark Souls Hacker” (this video is about datinaing), has dedicated a video to the topic. The title is: This dog causes 11,640 damage points in the second. In a comment, ZubliHewitch also complements:

Fun Fact: The 11,640 damage points apply before blood loss comes into play, which varies greatly, depending on your LP because it is percentage.

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How can that be?

To clarify how the glitch comes about, ZuliThewitch Meowmaritus, which programs Dark Souls Modding Tools, has been programmed. We want to represent the whole only simplified here. If you wanted to deal with it closer to it, we recommend the video:

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Large and small dogs and their animations: The Glitch has to do with the way the animations are assigned. If a dog uses an attack, the game must read every time, whether it is the little one or the big guy of the dog. As Zillihewitch explains in the video, the attacks for both dog sizes are placed in the field of attack and as in the example is the small version of the four-legged friend, the attack of the large dog is blocked and the small triggered.

Error with the small bleeding dog: But the small bleeding dog occurs but a mistake. While it should be, the attack of the large dog is prevented and the small triggered, but both attacks are completely deleted from the attack field. However, the attack field is needed by the game to determine if the player’s character has already been hit by a hitbox, because that should only happen once.

But the field is empty, the game does not know that the character has already been hit. That means the attack can simply cause damage again and again as long as we are in the hitbox. So it comes to the super killers.

The good news: Meowmaritus keeps the mistake for pretty easy. A fix could therefore miss the super dogs soon a muzzle. Then we just have to talk about us with the usual Souls Dogs problems.

Did the killer dog have become a fatal and have you wondered about him?

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