Don’t Starve Together s’aventure sur Switch

Already released on PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One, don’t Startve Together offers an output on Nintendo Switch. The portage of the Klei Entertainment game is expected for 2022.

Adventure Mode Sunday - A Cold, Rainy Reception [Don't Starve]

Multiplayer and autonomous extension of the _don’t starve survival game, _ Do not Starve Together embark on a wild and dangerous world. Generated procedurally, the world to explore consists of several biomes. All filled with countless resources and especially quantity of strange creatures and other dangers. Whether you choose to stay on the surface of the world, leave in exploration in deep caves or put the course on the lunar islands, many threats will come to you and your friends. Seasonal boss, creatures of the shadow and even surrounding flora, they will all seek to turn into ghost.

Thanks to the resources harvested during your explorations, you can build a camp and cultivate seeds. Having your own farm will be essential for your survival as well as your companions since it will ensure you have enough feed. Hunger could be much more murderer than crossed enemies on your way.

You will be able to play with friends in private parts or try the shot in line with other players. But mostly remember that a good collaboration will be essential to hope to survive in this world that does not clearly want you good.


Features of Don’t Starve Togerther

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